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The Road To Confidence And Self Esteem in Simple Steps

We all love to become more confident and feel good about ourselves so we can live our very best life. Here are some ways to gain confidence and raise self-esteem: 524 more words


How To Have the Best Summer Ever!

SUMMER TIME !! Who’s excited ? Ofcourse you’re excited ! I’m on my school break now and I wanted to share tips about enjoying your summer holiday. 261 more words


You know you've been in Sweden too long when...


The original list contained 210 (!!!) reasons, but it would take me forever to write all of them down, so I’ve just picked the ones I do – all the time. 334 more words


How To Look Fashionable In The Easiest Way

Who doesn’t want to be fashionable? Who doesn’t want to look good infront of everyone? Ofcourse everybody want it! Keep going and you’ll find out How To Look Fashionable In The Easiest Way! 151 more words


Magic Tips: Easy Ways to Establish a Healthy Morning Routine

Good morning beautiful people! It’s a little late for my Magic Tips post but it is here nonetheless. If you struggle with routine like I do, then this could be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to getting up and going in the morning. 582 more words


You're Not OK, and That's OK!

So you have a problem/problems/crisis on your hands. Maybe it’s a new shocking revelation on your favourite soap opera or a trauma that has haunted you for years. 593 more words

How To Be

My Obsessive Compulsive Disaster

As frustrating and stressful things pile up, I think the time has come to confess to something, even though it will probably come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well: I have OCD, and I’m obsessed. 1,394 more words

How To Be