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How To Be Human

There are too many guidelines on how to be human:

On how to be patient and how to be sweet.
On how to be brave and how to be willing, 197 more words


How to: Be Fabuloso

It’s common knowledge that I am too wonderful that it hurts, so I thought I would share my secrets with you. (Most of these things I don’t do; fabulous comes naturally to me) 335 more words


How To Be A Full Blown American

How To Be A Full Blown American:

  1. Eat Unhealthy
  2. Eat Healthy at times
  3. Start a Diet 
  4. Cheat your diet
  5. Give up your diet
  6. Just be damn American! 

The little things... 

Good morning! How’s your week been? My week has been great because I’ve managed to get my anxiety to chill out for a bit.

For the past few months I’ve slept in almost everyday, I haven’t bothered putting make up on or making an effort with my appearance and I’ve probably had about two glasses of the eight glasses of water a day you’re supposed to have. 214 more words


Apps for when you need to calm the f*ck down

Hi! Today is international happiness day so I thought I would write a blog post about some apps that are going to keep you happy and stress free. 364 more words