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Being more like a man at work doesn't work for women

Many books, think pieces and hot takes have been produced to tell women what they’re doing wrong when it comes to getting ahead in their careers, especially those of us in STEM careers. 560 more words


How to Be Like Sebastian From Black Butler

Have you watched The Black Butler and wished you could be just like Sebastian? Who hasn’t? This is not an easy task. So if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get you going. 746 more words

The Importance of Sharing

Once upon a time in IT, which wasn’t all that long ago, possessing deep knowledge on a topic meant we could be considered experts. Our knowledge was a source of pride and job security; we were always in demand for our rarefied expertise.  451 more words

Human Factors

On Being a BA: The Question Behind the Question

I have this handy article about “Disguised Queries” that gives a great metaphor for how to talk about the differences between ‘good’ and ‘great’ requirements. 783 more words


On Being a BA: Requirements are Never Done

That’s right, they are never truly done.  We could analyze until the oceans erode the mountains and still not completely understand a problem or capture every potential scenario of a process.   223 more words


On Being a BA: These Aren't Your Requirements

Something I see with junior BAs a lot is an ego attachment to the requirements they produce.  When the requirements change, they get upset.  They are disturbed when the beauty of their creation is unwound by one missing stakeholder who turns up with their pile of messy ideas to add to the mix.   225 more words