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Why it is OK to be Selfish

I have been raised to think of others. How can I help those around me? What can I do to show I am there for others? 916 more words

12 Steps to Being a Morning Person

I like sleeping. I like my bed, I like being warm and I like being comfy. I like sleep. But I prefer sleep when it’s in the morning than the evening. 615 more words


On not living fearlessly

Tonight’s shot (or possibly two) of vodka reminded me of this myth I see often perpetuated on the Great World Wide Webby; the myth of fearlessness. 1,049 more words

How To Be Luckier In Exams

​As the proverbial exams approach, my students get antsy over how fast the year has past and how much they have yet to revise. Discounting their weekly efforts through the year, this is when some of they diligently squeeze in extra practice and piteously lament over their lack of time. 610 more words

Throwback: How to Interview like a Pro!

See, I’m no expert. I haven’t taken a thousand of different interviews, and I, certainly, have not worked for a magazine. But, then why is, that whenever I take an interview from a well known author, they always private message me with the words, “Your interview was very refreshing!” or “Such a different and upbeat interview! 1,217 more words


How to be?

My spiritual little brother. He saves my ass and he is my best friend.

5.000 $


10 Ways to Really Thrive

I think to some extent we all want to improve our lives. We all want things to be better. A better career, more money, less weight, more adventures, loving relationships. 1,221 more words

How To Live