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How To Be Naïve

Naïve is not pretty word.
But it is a word many people have used to describe me.
Familiar faces and strangers alike have all felt the need to remind me… 243 more words


10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings

  1. Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind.Cultivate that capacity for “negative capability.” We live in a culture where one of the greatest social disgraces is not having an opinion, so we often form our “opinions” based on superficial impressions or the borrowed ideas of others, without investing the time and thought that cultivating true conviction necessitates.
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What do you have in your vegan kitchen? \\ Il y a quoi dans ta cuisine végane?

When you transition to a vegan diet, it can be hard to know want to have in your pantry to make sure you have enough food. 762 more words



To survive in this high-pressured, crazy world, most of us have to become highly adept at self-criticism. We learn how to tell ourselves off for our failures, and for not working hard or smart enough.

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Why it is OK to be Selfish

I have been raised to think of others. How can I help those around me? What can I do to show I am there for others? 916 more words

12 Steps to Being a Morning Person

I like sleeping. I like my bed, I like being warm and I like being comfy. I like sleep. But I prefer sleep when it’s in the morning than the evening. 615 more words


On not living fearlessly

Tonight’s shot (or possibly two) of vodka reminded me of this myth I see often perpetuated on the Great World Wide Webby; the myth of fearlessness. 1,049 more words