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Any Day - Do What You Can

What a day. What a week. What a life.

Let me tell you what happened. I’ll start at the beginning. Six days and twelve hours ago, I decided to go to a popular library in town. 865 more words

How To Blossom

Day 100 - Imagine

It’s the middle of the day. I’m at Starbucks about to put in some time on my writing projects. I realize that I get more accomplished if I work by time instead of tasks, meaning, I say I am going to spend two hours writing instead of saying I am going to complete seven tasks on a list. 1,042 more words

How To Blossom

Day 99 - Love Any Way

Up early again today. Took a minute to send a text to the Latest Drama, the person who called me the devil. I told him how much he has hurt me over the years and I told him that I was tired of being attacked by him… 671 more words


Day 98 - To Thine Own Self Be True

Wow. Thank God for a new day. Yesterday was ridiculously tough.

I slept in sister’s room and woke up late. I don’t use an alarm clock, but can’t remember the last time I have woken up later than I planned. 1,175 more words

How To Blossom

Day 97 - Fake It Till You Make It

Good morning. Sis wants to use computer to print stuff out. Why is she up so early???

Trying to connect to the deeper place in me where inspiration lives. 919 more words

How Not To Cry Every Day

Day 96 - Know What You Know

It’s raining out today. Mr. Almost Famous is leaving town. He just sent me a text thanking me for being me and all this good stuff… Sad poems in my head that I won’t write down. 930 more words


Day 95 - Champion The Little Things

In a pensive mood. Back from New York. More than amazing and fantastic. Don’t have the words right now to express the magnitude of the shift that is taking place. 404 more words

How To Blossom