How to Stop Playing Yourself Down

A friend and fellow blogger inspired me to write about the ways to free oneself from that stupid compulsion that overpowers so many of us: the compulsion to play oneself down. 344 more words

Mental Health

My Quarter-Life Crisis and How to Install "YourNameHere" 2.0

Greetings Dan 1.0,

Dan 2.0 here. As a heads up, you’re about to install some software updates. And it’s going to suck. You’ll go through some struggles, some crises, and some bad luck. 1,529 more words


How can I talk with Confidence? How to become an assertive person?

I had this problem.

I was afraid to talk and a very low confident guy. Like to stay at the end of the line. But now I am totally opposite, I make sure that I sit in front and make sure that I am noticeable. 1,086 more words