Love Yourself. The emotional aspect of your transformation may just be the most important aspect. This is PumpUp member jeasicamazzone, a dedicated biology student who is finding her way to health and happiness through the medium of self love. 88 more words

Love yourself by being your own motivation. Act in a way that maximizes your potential. Focus on non-scale victories and instead shift your attention towards how your actions make you feel. 57 more words

Little things you can do to become more confident

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If you lack self-confidence, you aren’t alone. An estimated 80% of the entire planet’s population grapples with some degree of low self-esteem. 325 more words

Repost or reblog a photo of your favourite transformation from somebody else, be they a PumpUp member or a friend/family member! You will spread positivity and have a chance to win some sweet PumpUp swag! 64 more words