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How To: Develop Your Own Style

Madame Chaos presents her eighth post in her ongoing guest-blogger series.

I have broached the subject of personal style before, but in the context of home decor… 851 more words

How-To By M.C.

How To: Administer Tough Love

Installment seven of Madame Chaos’ guest series on living hell well.

One of the curses of being three and its accompanying cuteness is that my  mother — who has nursed a fragile hope of becoming a decent photographer for years — thinks that I am a natural subject for pixellation by her fancy digital camera.   492 more words

How-To By M.C.

How To: Ruin Your Mom's Diet

Installment Six in Madame Chaos’ informative series.

Nothing could be simpler than this little tip.  It requires only luck and timing, but I do give some credit to the fortunate circumstance of being lastborn. 202 more words

How-To By M.C.

How To: "Ride the Potty Train"

The indefatiguable Madame Chaos presents the fifth installment of her informative series.

I call this “riding the potty train,”  or, as you techies might prefer, downloading a recompiled version of my breakfast into the deleted files folder.  49 more words

How-To By M.C.

How To: Get Your Mom Busted

Fourth in a series by Madame Chaos, resident expert in keeping life interesting.

Yesterday I discovered the astonishing fact that there is a higher authority than my mom… 555 more words

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How To: Surprise Your Mom for Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day, guest poster Madame Chaos presents the third installment in her series on the art of delightful living.  The first two installments are… 438 more words

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How To: Have a Great Afternoon

 An informative guest-post series by inhouse expert, Madame Chaos.

First, while your mom is gardening, strip down to your diaper and find a mud hole.  Wade, slather, spread, fling, bathe, revel, even eat: 52 more words

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