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What's your story?

If you take 10 people and ask them all the same question–I bet you most of them will have a different story to tell. Yes, there will be some base similarities, but each story will ultimately be specific to the individual telling the story. 180 more words


It took me over eight years to complete my first novel, Alarm Clock Dawn. Why? Because I am my own worst enemy. For almost a decade my brain spewed a steady stream of self-doubt, fear, and hundreds of excuses as to why I couldn’t finish the manuscript. 607 more words

Eric Vance Walton


Judgement, something that is probably seen everyday at every moment at some point. It’s unfortunate, you would hope that something like judgment would not exist, but it does. 229 more words

Your Journey to Success.

It is God’s desire for his children to walk in their divine destiny. It is only then that you can experience abundant life. Jesus Christ came to give life and he came to give it more abundantly. 162 more words


5 Ways to Redefine Success

Isn’t it time to take responsibility for your life? This might sound harsh but its true. We are responsible for our lives and that is a great thing! 493 more words


What's Your Problem?

“If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery” – John Paul Jones

This is my first blog of the 2013. 366 more words


How Do You Get Over the Hump, and Actually Reach Your Goals?

Is It Easy to be Success? Yes!

Success is easy. It’s really quite simple. You set a goal, execute a goal, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 512 more words