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How to get an agent and/or published for the beginner

Something happened today that made me decide a few things need to be addressed for authors out there trying to get agents and/or published. Someone asked how to get an agent and/or published, and I answered them. 599 more words


Breaking Big: How to Impress Big Five Publishers - written by Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb writes about how to impress the BIG FIVE. Definitely worth reading! Her knowledge of the writing world and impressive blog posts and her willingness to share with us newbies is admirable. 206 more words

Acting Agencies: the good, the bad and the just plain shit! 

So there are a number of different kinds of agents for all us actor folk out there…

There are the extra agencies open to all! The private extra agencies that only allow you to be on their books while boasting if you’re good enough they will act as your personal agent. 301 more words

Tips And Tricks

How do I Find an Agent?

Google “how to find a literary agent for children’s books” and you’ll get 1,580,000 hits. Over one and a half million! And that’s just in the kidlit world. 1,284 more words

Writing Children's Books