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Hello!!! Hmm my natural hair journey was never planned. I was natural in 2013,my hair was ugly. Even people around me testified to it. But I loved it that way. 160 more words

How To Grow Long Hair

DIY Hair Growth Oil Treatment + DIY Hair & Body Oil

Healthy hair grows and that is a fact but sometimes when we want to reach a particular longer hair length we must keep many factors in mind to achieve that length goal. 443 more words


How To Grow Long, Beautiful Black Hair That Makes Everyone Jealous

One of the biggest myths out is that African American hair doesn’t have the ability to grow as much  as other ethnicities. WOMP! So untrue. Any hair can grow easily with the proper care. 1,662 more words

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Long hair has been the dreams of so many women and girls, that it rises jealousy amongst some. There are ways to achieve the long tresses, yes, there are. 331 more words

How To Grow Long Hair

You Can Grow Longer Hair

If you are having a hard time getting your hair to grow longer, you may have given up. After all, you have tried everything you can think of and nothing seems to be working. 327 more words


3 Ways to Naturally Promote Faster Hair Growth

Are you on a natural hair journey and just need the Deets on growing longer, stronger healthier hair in less time. Are you frustrated, seeing very little progress in your journey? 792 more words

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5 Secrets to Hair Growth

Since the beginning of time we’ve been told stories about women with hair to the floor being the object of everyone’s desire. The story of Rapunzel is all about beauty and long hair as a symbol of attractiveness. 431 more words

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