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How to Grow Long Hair | 8 Tips for Longer, Thicker, and Healthier Hair

When I get asked how do you grow long hair, I usually fumble around with the answer. I don’t know where to begin and the response can take a few minutes. 207 more words

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Bun looks: A few looks from my YouTube Video.

Just a few looks from the video!

I started with an old wash and go. Before the video, I had put conditioner onto my edges. For each bun, I prepared my hair my spraying it with water, brushing the top, adding gel, and then combing it through. 43 more words


One Week, One Inch- Super Natural Hair Growth?

No my hair has not grown a cape and magically become a supernatural comic book character. But, I’m hoping to get results as though this were the case. 445 more words

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How to Grow Long, Healthy Hair: Advice from Someone Who's Been There

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m in love with my own hair. My hair is my pride and joy. I cut my hair super short my freshman year of high school as an act of rebellion and have been growing it out ever since… 1,108 more words

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Gorgeous Long Layers and Waves

Hair stylist Tami Jensen shares with us this gorgeous long layered cut and style she recently did on a client. Remember this tip if you’re trying to grow out your locks – having long, healthy hair means making regular appointments with your stylist so they can shape out layers and get rid of any dead/split ends. 39 more words


How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 3

How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 3 

Reduce damage from styling. Avoid excessive heat from blow drying or flat ironing your hair.

Why this tip? 255 more words

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How to Grow Long Hair Tip No. 2

Wash your hair often BUT not too often. A minimum of once a week and no more than twice a week is recommended. For those who have naturally oily hair, you may need to wash more often but don’t over do it. 204 more words

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