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How To Grow Long Healthy Hair

My hair is generally a curly, frizzy, dry, and damaged mess that I like to straighten once a week to make it easier to manage. 783 more words


The Hair Journey Begins

Hello, it’s Kenyada here! I’m a natural girl who thinks she’s figured it out! Figured out what?? Hair! How to grow and maintain healthy hair. I’m not a doctor but I am a licensed cosmetologist and I’ve “gone natural” (Stopped chemically straightening my hair and embraced my natural kinky hair texture) TWICE and I think I know what works for me and believe I can give some insight as to what might be plaguing you. 71 more words


The Beast I Call My Hair

It’s time to address the beast that is my hair. I get all sorts of comments about my hair: “Is it real? How do you get it so long? 478 more words


How To Grow Long Hair FAST!

Hi guys! As you can tell by the title, I’m going to share with you my tips and tricks to getting long, healthy hair! Though everyone’s hair is different and grows at different speeds, the average person’s hair grows about half an inch a month. 849 more words

Hair Care

3 Easy Ways to Use Castor Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Ah castor oil. Everyone says you’re so good for us and we should be using you more often. But how? In what way? Why are you good for us? 580 more words


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream Nourishing Leave-in Cream Review

PHEW, that name was a handful.

This is my first hair product review and I hopefully do a good job. This leave in treatment is available at drugstores and can range from $6-8 and is a part of the Extraordinary Oil line which features 6  186 more words

Frizzy Hair Hacks!!!

I have struggled with super dry and frizzy hair all my life.This leads to split ends, breakage and lifeless looking hair.

I have a couple of hacks that should help with combating dryness and frizziness 🙂 Hopefully these tips help! 408 more words