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Slug-proof plants for your garden

There is nothing worse than stepping outside and seeing your prized plants lacerated by the dinky teeth of some delinquent slug. Run rings around them with these range of plants with pretty damn good slug armour! 324 more words


Rabbit-proof plants for your garden.. yes really!

Keep your garden looking the way you want it by choosing plants that the rabbits avoid! My TOP FIVE suggests some easy to grow plants that have been proven to stay untouched by bunny teeth! 308 more words


How To Grow Pineapples Like a Pro!

Source: Ready Nutrition, by Pamela Bofferding

Pineapples are delicious and nutritious—they’re great when used in smoothies, muffins, or baked goods (find even more recipes… 389 more words


How's It Going? V.2016

2016 is the year of learning! In early spring we had a crisis at work and I completely neglected planting on time, among other things. Here’s a chance for you to learn from my mistakes! 494 more words

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My TOP FIVE hipster bedding plants

If you thought bedding plants were all pink petunias, sapphire blue lobelia and migraine-inducing marigolds, then think again. Whilst you were being a snob and planting up your airy Penstemon and Verbena in  your tonal borders, the bedding world changed.. 295 more words


Dead Leaves

“What are you doing?” I asked.
I was only a child when my MOM began to pull all the brittle withering leaves off of the plant in my windowsill. 634 more words

Letting Go

Elaine Everton, West Midlands, UK: Welcoming all gnomes!

Elaine and Roy Everton are from Pelsall in the West Midlands and are both retired. Their garden is split into 3 sections: an oriental garden, a fairy and gnome garden, and finally a work and play area for their granddaughter.  535 more words