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Basil: How To Grow - Herb of the Month

Basil stats/requirements at a glance

Ease of Raising: 2/5 – Very Easy, weekly check-ups Water: 4/5 – A good amount (daily, especially in a container) … 1,506 more words


Old cucumber

Old cucumber, thats what we call it here and some think its simply ordinary cucumber we have and left to aged thus called old cucumber. This is best or most famous used locally to boil soup and the plants looks like cucumber plant. 26 more words


General Garden Guidelines: Rules for all plants & seasons

Guidelines to happy, healthy vegetables & fruits:

βœ“ Vegetables and fruits require a certain amount of sunlight

All vegetables and fruits require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to be healthy and crop well. 661 more words


That Bit Of Encouragement

Every sale you get, it really builds your confidence up no matter how small the order. I think that’s why I sort of gave up some hope for the first few years. 405 more words


Advice From Fellow Craft Makers Please πŸ˜ƒ

I was wondering if anyone has some advise on how they’ve grown their business. I need to get out there. I seem to have more sales from the US compared to the UK, which considering I offer free UK delivery, I’m quite surprised as the orders come through. 121 more words


Thought downpour

I believe most of us have this need to close chapters, to sum up things that have happened, to draw conclusions at the end/beginning of a new year/new stage in their lives. 637 more words


The Power of Silence in Listen

It’s a bit direct and the title says it all but one of the greatest and most powerful songs I have heard is the song Listen performed by Beyonce from the movie Dream Girls. 398 more words