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Setting Intentions When There’s Trouble Achieving Your Goals (Part 2)

When beginning something new, many individuals set goals for themselves regarding what they hope to accomplish. The goal could be to get promoted within a year by taking more initiative at work, striving to be a better mother by setting aside an hour for your children each day, or maybe losing 5 pounds by going to the gym at least three times per week. 672 more words


Behind the Scenes

Part 4 of “How to Grow From Your Whopping Zero Followers”.

Do you like BTS (Behind The Scenes) content? Whether its a Yes or No answer, consumers love it! 223 more words

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Setting Intentions When There’s Trouble Achieving Your Goals (Part 1)

Often in therapy sessions, yoga classes, and meditation workshops, the therapist or teacher has everyone set a goal for themselves. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a goal as “The end toward which effort is directed.” You work hard to achieve that goal, whether it is to decrease reactivity or eat healthy. 587 more words


Would you employ someone to cut your lawn? How about a robot?

The future is bright, the future is.. GREEN! As more and more urbanites get into gardening and ‘flowerfying’ their outdoor space, the demand for patches of lawn become more and more in demand. 447 more words


How to Grow your Relationship with God

The apostle Paul said that he counted everything else as rubbish so that he could know Christ (Phil. 3:8).

Learning how to know more Christ is a wise thing to do. 699 more words

How To Grow

How to grow potatoes...

As a Dutch-born Australian my diet while growing up featured a lot of potato meals: curly kale mashed with potatoes, beetroot mashed with potatoes, carrots and onions mashed with potatoes, sauerkraut mashed with potatoes…you get the picture! 739 more words


Day 2945 - How To Make Big Improvements - Track Every Minute Of Your Day

As I admitted two weeks ago, I spent five hours playing video games in one day. It was painful to admit this to Bret, to myself, and to my readers. 754 more words