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We all want to be chosen

We all think that we are special. We all want to be Neo and be “The One” who saves the world from Matrix. We all think that there is huge uncovered potential in us, and we all are waiting for Morpheus to come and tell this to us, and then to confirm it by the Oracle. 319 more words


How to grow the stuff

Growing your own vegetables is a journey of discovery, that requires commitment, sensitivity, perseverance, water and a bit of space, be that an allotment, a balcony, a windowsill or a corner of a garden

How To Grow?


If you want to be successful, be grateful. 🙌🏻Nothing will delay your dreams more than complaining! 2 little powerful words to use today… “Thank You.”🌻🌻 39 more words


Veggie Garden Supply List (includes starting seeds indoors)

I have so many people asking what supplies they truly NEED to get started with a new garden. I thought this list would help all the beginner gardeners out there. 840 more words



We all want growth or increase in life but what most of us do is just to wish for it, others just pray about it waiting for God to make it happen for them and if nothing happens they conclude that life is not fair or God did not answer their prayers. 395 more words