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18 things I know about China after just 48 hours

  1. Getting onto the internet involves a lot of work, dedication and a very precise chemical reaction.
  2. The bread is sticky and will leave those residues all over your bag.
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Visit a Community Farm

As part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Jamie has toured the world surveying children and has found that many struggle to identify fruit and vegetables and could not accurately answer questions about the source of various produce and how they are grown. 110 more words

Brand new: clothing that protects you whilst you're gardening

You can now avoid wet knees, damp bottoms, cold backs and more when you’re out in the garden…!


I am pleased to announce a partnership with the unique… 173 more words


Basics of an Indoor Grow Room

Basic List of Everything You Need by Necessity: (Note these are the very basic introduction to what a grow room requires, for more in depth information on how to grow marijuana please refer here for a… 597 more words

Marijuana Stuff

Monthly Masterclass: October

Do it: Repair Damaged Lawns

1. Autumn and spring are the ideal times to repair your lawn when the weather is cool and moist. Bare patches can be caused by overuse, hollows can form where tree roots have begun to rot beneath the ground, and foraging animals can wreak havoc digging up grass in search of a tasty morsel.

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Vegetable of the month!

October – Pumpkins!

Because it’s Halloween this month, I thought I’d celebrate the pumpkin! I think in the UK, it is a very under-rated vegetable which we should do more with than just carving scary faces in them! 1,259 more words


New Cactus Shop: searching for the Prick in London

Before you all hit the ‘report abuse’ button, wait! Prick is the actual name of a real life Cactus shop, and it’s a damn cool place at that. 451 more words