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How to grow Yacon...the apple of the earth

Resembling a sweet potato, Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is sometimes referred to as ‘the Peruvian ground apple’, an apt name for this crisp, sweet, underground tuber that can be eaten raw like an apple. 741 more words


How to grow broccoli

Broccoli and its fancier relatives (Brassica spp.) would have to be one of my favourite vegetables to grow, both for this nutritious vegetable’s many culinary uses and for its shear beauty. 628 more words



One of the best things about growing your own vegetables is that you can grow things you usually can’t buy at the local grocery store. Unusual vegetables are great to add interest to meals especially when cooking for your friends and family. 339 more words


Grow Log: WW-week1

It’s begun, week 1 has come to a close! The little sap shown here has had what I think is the best starting life I have provided for my plants. 382 more words


When to harvest pumpkins

At what stage do you harvest a pumpkin? This is a question I’m often asked and so I thought, as mid Autumn most pumpkins are about ready, this would make a good post for my blog today. 262 more words


Why Begonias are back in fashion

You might look at Begonias and think they’re a bit of a ‘granny’ plant! Well, I urge you to stop and think again. They’ve been remixed and are pumped full of new juice, so now there’s something for everyone. 551 more words


How to Grow

What you’ll need:

  • Seeds
  • Water
  • Resealable bag
  • A suitable spot
  • FlowGrow Genesis

Step 1:

Before you start doing anything else, you have to choose what type of herbs or vegetables you want to grow. 460 more words