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Looking Good 20th May

Foxgloves are just coming into bloom in our garden. They are woodland plants really. Their large leaves make the most of all the available sunlight so they can grow in shady areas so they are brilliant if you have dappled shade in your garden. 354 more words

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My Spiel

My name is Zachary Williams but that doesn’t really matter, but what does is that I feel as if I have finally figured out my purpose in life, (or the purpose of life?).  337 more words


The Trick To Nasturtiums In Zone 9A

In late September, when it looked like the prefect time to grow cucumber plants again, I did the thing. And it looked like the weather would permit nasturtiums to grow inbetween those cucumbers. 328 more words


Spring Blooming Flowers 4-7-2016


A blooming flowers post! Yeah Woowoowoo!!!

Allllright. I think I might be able to compose myself (giggle), ok probably not.. This is the first phenology post of 2016. 161 more words



WHAT IS PATIENCE? The capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.  (Patient is bearing pains or trails calmly or without complaint; manifesting forbearing under provocation or strain) 695 more words

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How To Grow Dill

Dill is a beautiful plant with SO many uses. If you’re into pickles, you’ll want those big heads (what I’m after), maybe the fully formed seeds themselves, and a few stems. 436 more words



I remember as a kid my Grandma growing Snapdragons.  I lived on the same farm as my Grandma till I was 8 years old.  Then my parents bought the farm and my Grandparents moved to another yard.  394 more words

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