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Teaching Forgiveness and Compassion

The other day, a sensitive and caring sophomore-year teenager I’m treating called me after school. She had hurt someone else’s feelings, and the other girl (a senior) became angry with her. 387 more words


Something I Learned this Week: Reading Books

I enjoy reading books.  The importance of reading can not be stated adequately.  I read many different kinds, I enjoy mainly biography’s and books about doctrine, I also read self help books, books of ministry and growth, devotionals, fiction, political books, family books, and even a little poetry.   764 more words

Things I've Learned

Pumpkin Pie 21st century

pumpkin pie in a pumpkin as it appeared on the Today Show Nov. 16, 2016

Three seems to be a persistent myth that the Pilgrims  made their Pumpkin Pie in Pumpkin Shells…..let me assure you, that 17th century has plenty of experience of putting just about everything into a pie, so pastry was no real hindrance. 513 more words


The 5 stages of personal transformation

At certain points in our adult lives, many of us go through personal transformations that can change us to the very core of our being. Although the end results of such transformations can be wonderful and awe inspiring to behold, the actual process of transformation can be very uncomfortable. 1,173 more words


18 things I know about China after just 48 hours

  1. Getting onto the internet involves a lot of work, dedication and a very precise chemical reaction.
  2. The bread is sticky and will leave those residues all over your bag.
  3. 180 more words

Visit a Community Farm

As part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Jamie has toured the world surveying children and has found that many struggle to identify fruit and vegetables and could not accurately answer questions about the source of various produce and how they are grown. 110 more words

Brand new: clothing that protects you whilst you're gardening

You can now avoid wet knees, damp bottoms, cold backs and more when you’re out in the garden…!


I am pleased to announce a partnership with the unique… 173 more words