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How to Loose Weight through Dieting?

I hate the word “Dieting“, because it has negative connotations added over period time, that you have to “Control your food intake” or “Reduce your food” or “Starve” to loose weight. 298 more words

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12 Ways to Succeed at Dieting

Lots of people are trying to eat better,… trim off some extra pounds gained over the holidays, or get beach-ready for a moment in the sun. 1,304 more words


Foods To Avoid When Loosing Weight 

Are you one of those people that see little or no change when loosing weight? Are you the skinny fat person(e:g slim yet with big tummy)? 378 more words

How To Loose Weight

Go Natural And Look Beautiful!

Are you tired of trying the different types of diets that hit the market? Are you looking for a natural way out from now on? Most people these days are looking to find natural alternatives and weight loss natural remedy to cut obesity related risks and of course to look good too! 455 more words

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Some light facts about weight Gain

Hello everyone! Am back with another post on some tips for better you. Today’s topic is weight gain yes off course the so-called trending topic on the internet and Am amazed to see google results when I searched for Weight loss tips. 649 more words

Facts About Weight Gain

11 Food That Help in Weight Loss

Exercises and workouts ain’t the only thing you have to do to loose weight, your diet also plays an important role. Maintaining a healthy diet with the right food and proportion, your journey to weight loss is gonna be a smooth one. 310 more words