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11 Food That Help in Weight Loss

Exercises and workouts ain’t the only thing you have to do to loose weight, your diet also plays an important role. Maintaining a healthy diet with the right food and proportion, your journey to weight loss is gonna be a smooth one. 310 more words


11 effortless ways to lose weight that do not involve going to the gym

There is an amplitude of information when it comes to weight loss and cardiovascular exercises, many give up barely a week after intensive workout in the gym that yield less results. 422 more words

5 things you can do right now,to get in shape after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and unforgettable stages of a woman’s life.         There is nothing in this world compared with the joy of being a mom. 458 more words

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What If We All Build Each Other Up?

This has happened to all of us. We are in the change room trying on the cutest jeans we have ever seen. As we pull them up we notice that things are looking a little tight. 323 more words


WEIGHTLOSS:NO TENSION just DIET:Loose Your Weight Within 1 Month

We are here giving you a list of diets that will surely help you in loosing your weight without doing non-sense stuffs like doing strange exercises or leaving food to eat.Let’s check how to loose your weight by just eat right diet.It’s not just hollow saying,but its all scientific,we had done many researches then we are writing this for you needy peoples. 2,318 more words


WEIGHLOSS:Tips & Tricks nothing Myth

We will share some tips & tricks that will help you loose your weight.Its all scientific,nothing predicted or myth.

1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals… 1,698 more words


The New Kind of Food Journal That You Should Be Keeping

I had heard of keeping a food journal but had never given it much consideration. Except for a two-week stint with a personal trainer(who forced me to) and I hated the process. 706 more words

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