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Unhealthy Yogurt: The Truth Behind the Label

There are SO many yogurt products on the market today.  Chances are, you, like many other people, are pretty confused.

Yogurt has TONS of nutritional benefits!   413 more words

How I lost 30kgs using Healthy Mummy's holistic approach!

Every corner you turn, there is some new fad diet, supplement regime and restrictive outlook on losing weight. What happened to just being healthy the old school way? 539 more words


The REAL Truth About Going Gluten-Free

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the gluten-free diet.  While some people cut the carbs to lose weight, many people don’t have a choice.   362 more words

WEIGHTLOSS:NO TENSION just DIET:Loose Your Weight Within 1 Month

We are here giving you a list of diets that will surely help you in loosing your weight without doing non-sense stuffs like doing strange exercises or leaving food to eat.Let’s check how to loose your weight by just eat right diet.It’s not just hollow saying,but its all scientific,we had done many researches then we are writing this for you needy peoples. 2,318 more words


WEIGHLOSS:Tips & Tricks nothing Myth

We will share some tips & tricks that will help you loose your weight.Its all scientific,nothing predicted or myth.

1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals… 1,698 more words


The New Kind of Food Journal That You Should Be Keeping

I had heard of keeping a food journal but had never given it much consideration. Except for a two-week stint with a personal trainer(who forced me to) and I hated the process. 706 more words

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Planning a trip to sunderban..

Salty water ,fear of tiger ,crocodile ,scorching heat ,what more some one wants to spice up life in this extreme hot and humid whether

We are planning a trip to sunderban full of nature ,water ,sea,mangrove and water life . 196 more words

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