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5 Healthy snacks

Hi Diasy here. Today I am going show you 5 healthy snacks that supper easy to make and you probably have all the indigents in your house. 159 more words


7 days of happiness and being a kid!

I don’t want this days to go ever because these are going to be the most beautiful days soon :)

Often our bad times takes time to pass but good times pass soon.so,I don’t want this to go fast.My favourite foods ,cosy afternoons ,lazy mornings reminds my childhood .I don’t want to grow,I want to b a kid for ever .I want to know how the outer world is ,wish my home to be my world.want to be surrounded with my family members only who loves me without cause,always protects me.We grow young ,old and gradually loose lot of good things ..Why set goals / objective but we often forget that that is something to make a better life but that is not the only thing in life .We forget small things which used to made us happy at our childhood days .. 26 more words

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Special cupcakes by most beautiful sister in earth !

I was more than surprised to see her made this for me.She is the one whom I had seen after birth in the baby busket.My cute love… 256 more words

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Women can loose belly fat easily - Nathaniel Wilkins

Belly fat doesn’t look good at all. Most people who have this issue usually think of surgery as the fastest and easiest way to get rid of this. 990 more words

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To everyone curious about my weight loss.....here's the REVEAL !!!

Alright so frankly speaking I am not on any kind of diet, neither do I hit the gym. Many people have been questioning me about my drastic weight loss so I decided to satisfy everyone’s curiosity with this blog post. 392 more words

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Departing is not always bad!

Well ..There are only few days left in my current workplace nad you will actually be able to spot who are your real friends,who are the people have always shown you smiling faces for their benefits and people who were rude but true from heart .. 181 more words

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My home needs me :*

I was truly busy at work rather in work problems that I can see my home is bit angry of me.my shiny coffee table have covered itself with layer of dust and it’s dark mahogany Colors is becoming black day by day. 139 more words

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