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Assassin Summer Watermelons: Is it possible that age has something to do on gaining weight faster? + magical recipe to loose all those holiday pounds in 2 easy steps


Ok, so lets start from the beginning my name is Emily Shu and Im a new active writer for Caramel Oats, im the only person in this whole room that doesn’t speak nor perfect Spanish nor perfect English so be patient with me, my native language is  Français, so you may guess where Im from, yep the amazing city of Bordeaux,  but thats enough about Emily Shu lets get to the point. 1,271 more words


Advices For You On How To Lose Weight!

If you are really feeling sick of being overweight and want to reduce that extra fat and look sexy, then you should know the methods of losing weight. 285 more words

Weight Loss Tips


Hello everyone! Today I would like to share the tips which helped me to loose weight :)

1. Plan your meals. This helped me A LOT. 93 more words


LOVE: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Hi all.. Feels like it has been forever since my last post.

I’ve started to feel quite good about myself with loosing my ‘post 2 babies in a row’ body. 216 more words

Lidia Tinelli

How to really loose weight?

Good Evening My Dear Lovely Women!

Just few sentences, I think there is no point to say more about this subject, I guess you can write me some books about how to loose weight, how to look fit, what to eat, what do not . 452 more words

How To Loose Weight

Yoga & Its Startling Benefits

The very first thought that probably comes in our mind when we hear the word “Yoga” is an imaginary men or women in seemingly impossible and oddly twisted poses. 770 more words