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I Made Money by Going to Church. Here's How.

I’ll admit I’ve done a lot of strange things for money at various points in my young adult life. Yet I don’t think anything has prompted a more polarizing response than when I tell people that I got paid  392 more words

Making Extra $$$

Side Hustle Road to Becoming a Millionaire

If you’ve read my first post which you probably haven’t (it’s okay I wouldn’t either its not very good but it’s here just in case you want to… 559 more words


5 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day – from the Business Insider

Everyone wants to get things done. We only have 24 hrs in a day. Why is it that some get more done than others? How productive are you? 75 more words

Richard Mcgee


One of the most crucial quality in life is discipline. Yet it is a term that chill some people to their bone! How do people stay slim and healthy, rich and prosperous? 554 more words


Why you should use Fiverr!

Why I am using Fiverr,

I am selling customized poetry to any lovely person who wants to make a loved one smile.

I enjoy writing poetry and I thought why not offer my services to those who would like to write poetry but can’t. 58 more words


Creative ways to Make Money Online!

Are you struggling when it comes to making money online? Here are some Creative ways to make money online without having to look all over the internet.

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Super Profit Scalper!

Super Profit Scalper is a fantastic indicator specifically created for M1 & M5. It’s the perfect solution for people who only have just a few minutes a day for trading and want that big and fast profit. 89 more words

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