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How To Make Sushi Roll

Making sushi is actually very easy. It gets intimidating when you don’t know what’s involved in making it, but as soon as you try it, you will agree that it’s not as complicated as you thought it would be. 536 more words


Tuna Beauty |Receptor CD36|

Its been said that o-toro is among the top nigiri adored and savored by sushi aficionados all over the globe. The sensation of fat rolling over your tongue leaves a soothing and sustained sensation. 21 more words


Recipe: easy sushi, perfect for a hot summer evening.

Here in the West (USA) we’re in the grip of a heat wave, thanks to global warming, and last night I felt like something cool and refreshing for dinner. 853 more words


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I've done very few of my own recipes on this site, but I thought I'd revisit this one which I originally posted 2 years ago. Sushi is a wonderful summertime meal, very cool and refreshing, and quite fun to make! Here's my own recipe and instructions. A nice cool white wine would go well with this. Enjoy!

Day 4 - Muffins, Sushi, and Origami

by Marsha Little Matthews

The shows for Day 4 feature food and crafts. Cheyenne Morvan mixes up some tasty cakes in Miss Morvan’s Muffins. Erika Anderson demonstrates an easy way to prepare sushi in… 61 more words

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Sushi Bowl - Illustrated Recipe

Course: Dinner

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Sweet onions

Fresh seafood of your choice

Sushi rice… 370 more words


Making Homemade California Rolls

I’m really excited to do this post today! I know it’s not really what this blog is about, but  making sushi at home seems to becoming more common nowadays, since take-out sushi, while  1,188 more words


Sushi 101 at La Fresca

Sea weed wraps? Check!
Sushi rice? Check!
Veggies? Check!
Soy Sauce? Check!
Salmon, tuna, octopus? Che–Wait, octopus?!

Welcome to Spanish Sushi 101 at La Fresca Bar in Madrid. 642 more words