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What should I expect from Frugal and Free?

This is a place where you will receive tips and tricks to move towards a financially stress-free life on a low-income salary. 236 more words


Dear Graduate... 5 Things I Wish I Knew

First of all, YAY! You made it. You have survived what other people could not and have now officially joined the coveted club of university graduate. 876 more words

Money Management

Real Money With Lydia

Where I get honest about something that’s happening with my money situation.


Tomorrow is payday and whilst I normally countdown the number of sleeps left till I wake up to new money in my bank account, this month I am not so excited. 463 more words

Money Management

3 steps: How to Manage Money

Getting your first pay cheque is a heady feeling but after you’ve splurged on a few of the must haves, gone out for a nice meal and bought treats for yourself, what do you do with the rest of it? 579 more words

Personal Finance

5 Personal Financial Management Tips 

Financial freedom can help reduce your stress levels immensely. That doesn’t mean you need to be living a life of luxury, but you do need to ensure that your finances are under control. 785 more words