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Watercolor Eyes

I love this artist’s work.  Maybe it will give you some ideas.  Inspiring!  If you want to see more by Agnes Cecile, click here.

Paint With Watercolor

Paint a Portrait Profile

This portrait demonstration is a good one.  The artist not only gives some excellent tips start to finish during the process, but goes a little deeper into the heart of creativity and how it works. 10 more words

Paint With Oils

Creative Portraits

I love this artist’s work.  Her name is Agnes Cecile, and her portraits epitomize the boundless nature of art.  This portrait shows us if you get the human features correct and in proportion, the rest of the painting can then become an infinitely beautiful flourish.

Paint With Watercolor

How to Hire a Professional to Make an Oil Painting Portrait

Listed here is another trick that I use to know exactly the place to apply numerous shades of shade. I appear at nevertheless another photo in which I have manipulated the colors on the computer. 675 more words

How To Paint People

Professional Portrait Painting Process

Today’s lesson is a quick look at one professional artist’s approach to completing a commissioned portrait.  This video takes us through his painting process that spans several weeks.   11 more words

Paint With Oils

Easy Flesh Tones

This short lesson demonstrates how you can mix a custom skin color using just the three primary colors and white.  This would prove very valuable if you run low on yellow ochre or burnt sienna!

Paint With Oils

Portrait Likeness

Artist James Sulkowski leads a short lesson in how to identify the lengths and distances between the facial features that are unique to each human face.   9 more words