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Lemon and garlic roast chicken (aka my first ever roast chicken!)

I can make my own pasta from scratch, make brownies that are the perfect combination of fudgy and firm and tell whether an avocado is ripe just by looking at it. 751 more words


Seasoned Garlic Roast Chicken

Chicken is a staple in our weekly meal rotation, but I’ve only ever cooked chicken breasts or chicken strips. I’ve heard that cooking bone-in chicken parts (thighs, wings, etc.) yields juicier and moister chicken, but cooking a whole bird has always intimidated me. 598 more words


Roasted Chicken Rubbed with Roasted Garlic and Sage

If I were to ask my wife which dish I make or have made that she likes best I guarantee it would either be roasted chicken or a ribeye steak.   1,797 more words

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How to Truss a Chicken with No Twine

I have never in my life kept kitchen string in my kitchen. I’ve occasionally regretted it on the one or two occasions when I want to roast a bird (really a rare occasion, but it happens). 140 more words


How To Roast A Chicken - The Key To Crisp Skin and Juicy Meat

Now that January has arrived, that means two things – colder weather and healthier eating.  As we ended our New Year’s day celebrations, we were welcomed in the morning with several inches of snow on the ground.   769 more words


How To Roast a Chicken

If you’ve never roasted a chicken, TRY IT!  It’s not as hard or time-consuming as you might think and you get a lot out of just one roasting chicken.   557 more words