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My Running Guide, Phase 2

In my last post, I put together a list of common running strategies. (If you didn’t see it, click here.) Each one is backed by study, and can be easily found on the internet. 1,753 more words


How to start Star Wars Episode 1: Racer on Windows 10 x64?

I’m a huge fan of this game, so I needed to make it w0rk on Win10 x64 arch.
This is my instruction to you, feel free to use it: 93 more words

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How to RUN

Everyone knows that running is one of the best cardio exercises out there that burns the calories effectively while building your athletic endurance. BUT just as it is a popular activity, running also causes many injuries, especially to new runners. 301 more words


Nine tips to.. Couch to 10km

1. Stop doubting yourself. Not everyone is a natural runner so just start small if you need to. I could barely run 1km when I first started running. 417 more words

The joy of 10 K!

Hi Guys, just two days after hitting 8K I managed to run 10,2K! You could not believe how happy I was with reaching this goal. It has been 2 years since I managed to run this magic number! 406 more words

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How To Start Running in 3 Easy Steps

I was the girl hidding behind a tree in track to avoid running. My friends and I took a VHS tape and would somehow manage to get our PE professor to let us dance during the torturous 45 minutes of physical ed instead. 381 more words

Half Marathon Training

The Secret to Running

I bet you read that title and expect the secret to be some let down like, “just go out and run!”

Telling someone starting out on a running plan or into the world of health and fitness, overwhelmed with the prospect of completely revamping their entire life and diet to fit whatever fad they were told would “ab… 1,260 more words