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How to Run the Leadville 100 - Part 1

Here’s the scene: you are at a friend’s holiday party and some d-bag shows up with a belt buckle the size of your VW’s hubcap.  He becomes the center of attention (yes, you’re jealous) and proceeds to woo the crowd.   536 more words


Mike Rutt Interview

Ever wonder what one of the best runners in the world has to say about some common running questions?  If so, you’re in luck because Mike Rutt, an elite mid distance runner has agreed to answer a few questions we sent him. 1,212 more words

Training Tips

a 15 min mile is the same distance as a 7 min mile

My entire life I have struggled with running, I ran a bit of track back in school but nothing serious..I mean this is elementary school we are talking about!! 298 more words


6 Weeks to Your First 5K

The attached training plan can get you off the couch and running a 5K in 6 weeks.  The training plan is made to fit anyone’s schedule.   42 more words


8 Tips for New Runners

A few tips for new runners:

1 – Controlled breathing, it doesn’t matter if you breathe through your mouth or nose but you should try to find a rhythm. 188 more words


Just Run....

This is my mantra… Just Run!

I am not an educated runner, I do not know all the fancy lingo, I do not own the expensive running gear, I didn’t know what taper meant for a whole year ( I still don’t know HOW to taper), I don’t know what tempo runs mean, BUT I know enough to get out there and JUST RUN! 1,088 more words

The Best Advice I Can Give

Hello there! I’m always being asked about what sort of tips and advice I have for beginning runners or training for a big race. I never know what to say… and then I start to say something and I could just type out a short book which just looks ridiculous. 947 more words