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How to Run: Homeworld Cataclysm

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of How to Run, the series where I share methods I’ve used to get old games running on modern hardware. 844 more words


230 lbs to being 1:30 Pacer - Victor's Journey!

If you have run any of the Lexus Laceup Running Series Races, or run in Southern California regularly chances are you would have seen Victor. He is hard to miss at races, as he is usually leading the front pack as a 1:30 pacer most time or the 3:00hr pace groups at Marathons. 841 more words


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how to run a marathon – part 2

Learning to run great distances is a -DIY- do it yourself adventure. Meaning have fun and experiment with options. 726 more words

Why You’re Nothing More than a 5km Runner

You would not even begin to imagine the reactions when you say it right in their face.

Some showed confusion (what d’ya mean?).

Most, though, showed extreme disgust (WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!). 552 more words

Last Minute Running Tips

You have a race coming up, and have too little time to practise for it. Well, everyone strives to run faster. Although practising seems to be the quick and simple answer, there are many simple tips and tricks that can make you run faster without any extra training. 511 more words


How To Go From 0 To Running A Half Marathon.

I finished my first half marathon last week. I couldn’t help sharing my tips on how to go from lazy potato to lazy potato who runs 21 KM). 2,073 more words