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Know your market to sell domains: Domaining Tips

Are you trying to sell your domain names? Do you know the end-user market in your relevant niche? Don’t waste too much time contacting the wrong companies. 1,204 more words

Selling Domains

Sample Craig's List Ad that Produced a Sale in New York City

The following advertisement that was placed in Manhattan found a buyer, which visited the domain on Sedo to purchase the domain. Since then, I made some adjustments on my sales approach to refer buyers to a third part domain sales platform. 28 more words

Selling Domains

Sample Domain Name Sales Pitch to Contact an End-User by Email

Do you ever find yourself writing a book to contact an end-user? You don’t need to write a story to make a sale. The following sample sales pitches are posted on my secondary blog, … 178 more words

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How to Sell Domain Names on Craig's List

Most web users are familiar with Craig’s List because they sell items they don’t need to another that may want them. Do you know that buyers also comb the ads to find business opportunities? 836 more words

Selling Domains

The Value of SeWatch.net to sell Domain Names

I’m not sure whether any domain investors have visited SeWatch.net. If you’re looking for a buyer, I believe this website will help you. After you search Google for potential buyers, input the website into the search window on SeWatch.net will generate SEO information such as site tags, which are keywords a website uses to compete for traffic in different categories. 1,196 more words

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Beware of Buyers on Craig's List - Selling Domains

Last year, I sold a few domain names on Craig’s List. Both domains were purchased on Sedo at a fixed price. In order to speed up the process, I determined that fixed prices avoided the negotiation process. 876 more words

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Revenue Ideas for Domains

Most domain investors want to know how to find a buyer. They know that success will not follow if they fail to make a sale. Instead of striking out with cold calls and sending hundreds of e-mails to end-users who have no clue about the value of a domain, you can lease your domains to demonstrate its worth to a company. 2,361 more words

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