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The Tag Files 3- The Blogger Recognition Award

We are more than halfway through my least favorite month. Slowly but surely we are reaching the end of this suckfest we call February. Luckily, I’ve received my second award, which was a bright oasis in this useless wasteland. 782 more words

New Blog

Blogging Tips 101: How To Be A Better Blogger

You will love it and hate it.

It is both rewarding and frustrating.

You will see it as a good investment of your time and a gigantic waste of your time all in the same week. 1,199 more words


VLOG: Should you blog? Yes. Should I vlog? Idk, but here I am.

I never imagined myself to be a vlogger. It’s like the super kewl and trendy thing to do nowadays, but man, being able to talk through a QWERTY keyboard is much easier than talking to Photo Booth alone in my apartment with Stella. 88 more words

How to blog with almost no time on your hands

Okay, so you want to start a blog, right? Of course- we all do! I know lots of people who wanted to start a blog and who still do. 564 more words


Why Should you Create a Blog?

Because it is challenging!

When you challenge yourself you force yourself to grow, you force yourself to learn new things, and you force yourself to develop new skills. 190 more words


5 Reasons Why "Superstar Bloggers "Are Using Blogs!

Photo by: Keith Chitaka

1) Drive traffic to your Superstar Website!

Every time you post, You’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr — … 707 more words