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How to start a Blog

How do i start a Travel Blog?  

One of the most common questions i receive, is how to start a Travel Blog. When people find out that i am given opportunities to travel at a discounted rate, sometimes free, they are quick to ask how i started my blog and what i did next.  

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Starting a blog? Read this first: Bluehost vs. WordPress

I recently decided to become a big girl blogger and buy my domain name. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now but held off because I didn’t want to spend the money and actually commit. 906 more words


How to Start a Blog | Part 2: How to Make Blog Graphics that Pop

Hey there, and welcome to part 2 of “How to Start a Blog”! Little Siberia is rapidly approaching its first birthday, and as a tribute I think writing this series to help other people jump start their blogging careers is the least I can do with all the knowledge I’ve learned. 1,012 more words

How to start a blog

Okay, you may ask why is this important and why is it the first step. Well here is the thing, you have to start your marketing before you even start writing. 778 more words

How to Start a Blog | Part 1 - Free Wordpress Account + Themes

In 2016, blogging is a branding staple. Anyone from stay-at-home moms to small businesses can use a blog to achieve a goal like gaining new followers, inspiring others or converting viewers to clients.  762 more words



Now, by no means am I claiming to be an expert or a super “successful” blogger. However, I recently got a request to share some of my blogging tips (thanks, Diane!), and I feel like I do have some advice to offer to blogging newbies. 1,015 more words


How I Started Blogging+Career Advice

I get asked all the time from so many people the same question: how did I start blogging? I figured it was time for me to do a post dedicated specifically to how I got my start and how I managed to do this for six years. 742 more words