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Top Prepper Reveals How To Survive The Apocalypse - YouTube

The Alex Jones Channel

Many of us may not know exactly what it is that is heading our way, but there are millions of Americans that feel so alarmed about what they sense is on the horizon that they are taking extreme measures to get prepared.

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

How to Survive: Welcome to Rockville

Welcome to Rockville is a Rock music festival held in Jacksonville, Florida every year. Hence the pun; Rockville instead of Jacksonville. See. The Monster Energy company can come up with some pretty awesome puns. 823 more words

Welcome To Rockville

How To Survive "Single Living"

I have found this topic to be an ancient taboo. Looking all around me, it is just impossible to attract readers that would actually dig this topic with enthusiasm. 958 more words

Charen Diaries

How to (Actually) Survive Your Own Overwhelming Laziness (pt.2)

This post contains actual solutions instead of fake sad ones! But, if you would prefer to remain lazy, I do have a list of excuses and coping mechanisms for you… 816 more words


How To Survive the Oil industry Collapse

No Doubt you have reached the page because your looking for advice on how to survive the current collapse of the oil price.  Your obviously still offshore (You have to be otherwise this list is pointless) and your looking for ways to secure your employment until whichever Sudi Prince is opening his chokes balls deeps decides to pack it in for a while. 794 more words

How To Survive

How to survive #5 - Snow Shelters

The snow season is just great. But all that awesomeness has a lot of dangers in it.
So if you want to be prepared learn a few tricks on how to build a snow shelter.


How To Survive The Holocaust


I grew up in the 50’s and we Jewish kids had no idea that a “Holocaust” ever existed.

Perhaps we were the first “holocaust deniers,” if not, Jewish historian Jacob Marcus certainly was. 626 more words

The Jewish Problem