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How to Survive: heatwaves

I am starting a new series on my blog (cue fanfare) entitled “how to survive.” In which I give you some advice* on how to cope with certain situations. 257 more words

How to survive your first year of college?

When I was in my first year at college here at John Jay, I was very excited, meanwhile at the same time as being nervous. Here I am, just simply two months ago in June, I had graduated from high school, and did not know how college was going to fair out. 413 more words


To Survive in the City of Chaos, Confusion and more

You may have heard the name of ‘Mumbai’, it is the city that has the highest GDP among most cities of Asia, and is also the financial capital of India. 622 more words



Painkillers and antidepressants everyday.
Better feel the pains of downing them now, than to feel the pains of the illness later. I guess.


How to survive your child's teenage years...

A teenager’s mind is somewhere best left alone. It’s not working properly anyway and it’s all confused and back to front. Everything you have ever taught your child will be forgotten, I’m hoping they store this information ready to use again once they hit their 20’s… Things like… 267 more words


How to survive..A day out

I love a good day out, to the park, a museum, the beach. I’m not the biggest fan of people. People can be the total ruin of my day! 186 more words


How to survive...your 'customer facing' job role.

‘Just remember, these people pay your wages’

Those words are neither helpful nor entirely accurate. Yes okay if the customer base wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be a job, however you wouldn’t have been given that job in the first place because it wouldn’t have existed… I was going somewhere with this but I lost it. 197 more words