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Unfair America (Warning: Numbers)

Let’s be honest here, the number one factor differentiating the successful from the unsuccessful is the effort. Quantity, quality and type of effort are all factors regarding effort, and the successful excel at all three aspects. 822 more words


How to survive in a hot desk office

Whether we like it or not, it seems like hot desk offices are going to be a thing going forward.

Hot desks, for those who have been lucky enough to avoid them, are a system where employees (usually, but not always, in the knowledge sector) have no fixed seating or workspace. 1,579 more words

#2 Paksain

Mengikuti sebuah organisasi sangat tiring. But, you have to do it.
Manusia tidak didesain untuk berkembang di zona nyaman. Lihat Indonesia, dan bandingkan dengan negara-negara eropa lainya. 75 more words

Cara Survive

Introducing Michael Rand, author of WW VIETNAM

“It appeared to me that Colleen was working 24 hours a day to help me!”

Michael Rand, is an Author, Architect, Artist, Aviator, Photographer and Music Composer who lives in Frederick, Maryland… 917 more words

Outskirts Press

10 Travel Hacks to Survive Long-Haul Flights

International travel is always an exciting experience, most especially if it’s at least 6,000 miles away from home and exploring a different continent. ┬áBut that also means, long, tedious travel times and horrible layovers. 773 more words


The Emerging Church

Another post because I think the topic/link is significant. I do not strictly regard myself as a Christian, although I am deeply spiritual — I do believe that there is an underlying meaning to the universe, and that this meaning is friendly. 279 more words

Personal Growth

The Working Mom's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

As stated in my previous post, the last few months of the year are by far the busiest and most stressful. You’re up at the crack of dawn every morning to get ready for work while trying to get those morning snuggles from your baby to making your morning cup of coffee and setting your sitter up with bottles for the day.. 472 more words