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34: How to Train a Wild Elephant

I’m currently reading my way through this book which gives many and varied exercises in mindfulness.
As you can see I’ve got to number 34 which is being aware of the earth beneath your feet, aware of gravity pulling you as you stand and walk. 19 more words


My Left Hand is a Ginger Step-Child

Summer is Million-Dollar Brynne Season. I think it’s because I’m cold-blooded and I need the sunshine to learn what it’s like to be a fully functioning human being after the pits of winter. 312 more words

The Rambling Review: Mindfulness, Creativity, and Productivity

Mindfulness, Creativity, and Productivity

Happy Friday! Another week has gone by, and this week I have focused my attention on one aphorism: “Know Thyself.” This Ancient Greek phrase has been quoted and used a million times over; however, the profound question persists today, who am I? 1,061 more words


Yes, it’s supposed to be mindful Mondays but yesterday I was minding my mouth. So today will become a mindful Tuesday. With this whole How To Train a Wild Elephant exercise, everyday is becoming a mindful one. 609 more words


A Project in Mindfulness.

Hey- remember that one time I mumbled about wanting to live my life more on purpose? I rambled on about wanting to live more intentionally…I finally have some direction now! 510 more words


Mindfulness Exercises: Endless Desires

This exercise was to become aware of your desires as often as possible throughout the day.

I started this exercise right about the same time I started the elimination diet in preparation for my cleanse, and continued it throughout my cleanse. 529 more words


Mindfulness Exercises: One Bite at a Time

This exercise was to eat your food one bite at a time, putting down your fork in between bites and finishing the bite you’ve just taken before taking another one. 391 more words