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Here is an Entire Post About Where to Vote So You Don't Screw This Up

Happy Election Day everyone. I woke up with my stomach hurting and I think this is just how it’s going to be forever now. You have one last chance to vote, and it’s time for you to prove to everyone that you’re capable of doing this very important task. 117 more words


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One More Time - Get Out and Vote!

Update: We did it! Donald Trump is the President Elect!

Linking back to this great article on Election Day 2016:

If You Tell Me You Are Supporting Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You

Quit Your Whining, Pull Up Your Panties, and Vote.

A friend recently questioned how Christians could vote for Donald Trump.  He cited 2 Timothy 3 before concluding that: “I get it Hillary is horrible, but if we continue to support Trump how can we as Christians remain credible with non-believers if we are standing with this kind of man…” After much debate, he finally requested a list of things that I like about Trump. 1,398 more words

General Apologetics

A Guide to California's Propz

Voting day is almost here and if you’re like most Americans there are a few things that are probably true about your life:

Serious Stuff

I coulda voted twice

For the first time in my life, I voted early. But before telling you more of that story, I’ve got to  point out that in my state, Florida, Trump’s name is the first one you’ll read on the ballot when deciding which presidential candidate to vote for… 444 more words

May I have three minutes out of your busy life to share with you important information that will impact your heart as it did my own. 636 more words

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