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Moving On

I have a tendency to get ahead of myself. When something excites me I take it and I run with it. In many ways this can really disorganize me and prevent me from achieving all the new goals that I want to take on. 260 more words

Mining wisdom from Dale Carnegie

I’d never thought of reading Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People even though I knew of it back in my college days. Recently, I found out that this book is part of… 782 more words

Dale Carnegie

Self-help isn't deceptive

I’m a consistent book buyer. Long ago, non-fictional books were not my cup of tea. Fiction was my choice, say Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Ponniyin Selvan… 204 more words

Inspiring Waves

The Popularity of Self-Help Books that profit from our Self-helplessness

Self-help, self-improvement and How To are interchangeable terms for one of the most profitable genres out there. This genre generates more than $1 billion a year… 875 more words


The Secret of Charisma

The secret of charisma – that seemingly mysterious “X-Factor” that makes certain people seem magnetic – is actually rather simple:

If you want to be interesting to others, be INTERESTED. 581 more words


They are following you

Is your example worth following?

If you are a human being, you can’t deny that you have influence. As a dad or mom, what kind of example are you giving you kids? 16 more words


The one book you should definitely read in your lifetime 

Now before I get into the good stuff,   I just want to say…..” It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you, Without a dope best to step to!”-Aaliyah… 282 more words

Identity Capital