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Sincere Appreciation

“I have no right to say or do anything that diminishes a man in his own eyes. What matters is not what I think of him, but what he thinks of himself. 683 more words

#3. Six Ways To Make People Like You. (Summary)

This is a summary of Part 2 of the book ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie.

Six ways to make people like you: 1,501 more words

What are You Smiling About?

“Boy, you are awfully happy today!”  As a hostess and cashier at a local diner I hear that comment and many variations of it on a daily basis. 674 more words

How to Lose Friends and Interrupt People: Chapter 3

In the last two chapters in this guide I share fundamental strategies for losing friends. To get the best results apply these principles in everyday life. 285 more words


Read N Review: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People. Who wouldn’t want to know that?? Originally published in 1936, this one is for sure an oldie, but a goodie. 850 more words


Fundamentals Technique for Handling Peoples | Quick Notes

Handling people is one of the biggest deal, because different peoples different views so for making long lasting relationships in personal or professional we need to add few things. 195 more words


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I remember first hearing about this book and wondering who the target audience was. Perhaps sociopaths? Psychopaths? Maybe those who wish to scheme and achieve things through the usage of people? 270 more words