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How to Make High Concept Stories Unpredictable

It sometimes seems like the fabulists are taking over the literary world: George Saunders, Aimee Bender, Kelly Link, Karen Russell, Manuel Gonzales, and Amelia Gray, to name a few. 1,572 more words

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He said/She said

He said/She said  – On Dialogue   

“You really need to work on your dialogue,” she said.

“Oh really?” He answered smart-assedly.

Yes, really.  Dialogue is a tricky thing – first to be able to write the way people actually talk and then, well, to label it correctly. 344 more words


How to Write Riveting, Mundane Dialogue

One of the drawbacks of the “raise the stakes” and “put a gun on the wall” comments in workshop is that writers begin to make every moment in a story or novel the equivalent of a gunshot. 1,163 more words

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Book Review: Writing Realistic Dialogue & Flash Fiction by Harvey Stanbrough

Harvey Stanbrough’s Writing Realistic Dialogue & Flash Fiction, a thorough primer for writers of fiction and essays is a mouthful of title but a mind-full of book. 702 more words

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An Interview with Stefanie Freele

Stefanie Freele is the author of two short story collections: Surrounded by Water and Feeding Strays. Her story “While Surrounded by Water” won the Glimmer Train Fiction Award and “Us Hungarians received second place in the Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest. 856 more words

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MASTER LIST of Gestures and Body Language!

Hey there! Lots of writers liked my list of facial expressions, so I thought I would do a companion post about gestures and body language. Describing these can help readers visualize a scene and get a feel for the characters, and again, they can set up lines of dialogue so you don’t have a string of… 1,233 more words

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Writing Dialogue: It's Not All Talk!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of dialogue in manuscript. Some would-be famous novelists are better at it than others. Ditto some published novelists.

Recently two things have struck me about the products of people who are developing skill in writing conversation: they either get so baroque with the attributions as to become unintentionally silly (“Let’s go,” said Tom swiftly…or better yet, “Let’s go!” Tom ejaculated), or they go full throttle in the other direction with no attributions (“dialogue tags”) in page after page of back and forth (this is called… 1,051 more words