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How Strong is Your Dialogue? How to Fix Common Dialogue Problems

For my regular peeps, you probably know about my favorite hostage guest contributor, blogger Alex Limberg. Today, he shines his spotlight at some basic dialogue problems we all know in one form or another. 1,680 more words

Kristen Lamb

Using Dialect In Writing

One way to differentiate between characters and to get a better understanding about who they are is through dialect.  We can learn a lot about a person based on their accent, grammar, and choice of words. 345 more words

Writing Dialogue?

Writing dialogue isn’t as straight forward as it would seem. It was one of the areas I was dinged on when I first submitted my manuscript. 527 more words

4 Ways to Keep Dialogue Interesting

As authors we all know dialogue plays several roles in mystery novels—character exposition, speed up pace, imparting information and showing mood—to name a few. It is critical that this important writing tool does not become tedious and monotonous. 247 more words

Writing Tips

Writes and Wrongs #4: Kiai! Action Tags (#writingtips)

Characters don’t just speak, they do stuff.

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It can be difficult for me to punctuate dialogue correctly sometimes because I don’t say to myself, “Self, a comma must follow a dialogue tag if … ”       At most, when I am typing I might do something like say the punctuation in my head:  “Luke (comma) I am your father (comma) he said (period)”.

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Writes and Wrongs #3: The Fall of Said Bookisms (#writingtips)

Unless your character is a Parseltongue, she doesn’t hiss.

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Writes and Wrongs #2: Basic Dialogue Punctuation

When you teach you learn.

First, I want to take a tangent.  If you don’t want to read my introduction drivel, click here.

I believe in those above words. 

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