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How to Improve Dialogue

     Dialogue.  I know how hard it can be to create meaningful yet believable dialogue.  But how to do it?

      Try listening to everyday conversations.  Really try to understand how people communicate with each other in real life.  294 more words


Interview: SCOTT BAIN

It didn’t feel like it at the time, but my bad writing patches were when the huge leaps occurred. Scott Bain on YA, re-writing and his journey to our final four. 2,362 more words

Writing Dialogue (Repost)

Writing dialogue isn’t as straight forward as it would seem. It was one of the areas I was dinged on when I first submitted my manuscript. 435 more words

5 Ways to Improve Dialogue

1. Go outside and listen to people talking. Restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls and sporting events are all great places to see how people interact naturally. 251 more words


How to Write Dialogue #Editingtips

Dialogue is Tough.

I’ve read some novels which left me in tears–but not because the book was emotionally moving.

I am a dialogue Nazi. If the dialogue sucks, I’m out. 218 more words

Writing Tips

How to Write Compelling Dialogue

In order to use dialogue effectively you need to understand its purpose. Dialogue must reveal character, advance plot, make characters real and suggest or provide action. 382 more words

Writing Tips

Writing Tip: Learn to Hear Dialogue

This is what they call in the swordsmanship schools “a secret technique.” Only I’m talking about writing, not swordsmanship.

Where do you find great dialogue? 127 more words

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