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Getting Great "Word of Mouth" Advertising

Explore the writing process step-by-step over three days (four hours each day) and see exactly how it is done. Each hour we’ll cover a new step toward completion and beyond.


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Sonnets That Reckon With Donald Trump’s America

There is a notion — best expressed by Harry Lime, the genial psychopath played by Orson Welles in “The Third Man” — that bad times make for good art.


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Cyberwarfare — the Latest Technology of Destruction

THE PERFECT WEAPON War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age By David E. Sanger 357 pp. Crown. $28. New technologies of destruction have appeared throughout history, from the trireme and gunpowder in past centuries to biological and nuclear weapons in more modern times.


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13.23: Internal Conflicts

Internal conflicts, simply put, are problems your characters have with themselves. In this episode we address the ways in which writers can build stories and subplots around internal conflicts, and how we can tell when it’s not working.


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Screenwriting Tips And Writing Diverse Characters With Selina Ukwuoma

We’re living in what some are calling the ‘platinum’ age of TV and visual storytelling, with opportunities to reach viewers all over the world with our stories. 13 more words

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10 Ways to Spark Your Story Ideas

Today’s guest post is by Chrys Fey. Artists are naturally afraid that their well of ideas will dry up and they won’t ever get another good idea. 23 more words

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5 Steps to Writing Great Character Chemistry

What is character chemistry? And how can you use it to make your story un-put-down-able? We most often hear about character chemistry in reference to actors—particularly those playing love interests to each other. 14 more words

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