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Your Daily Conciseness #5

Not concise:

Professor Li does research on productivity in the workplace.


Professor Li researches workplace productivity.


It’s not bad writing to occasionally use something like “does research on” instead of the more concise “researches,” but the latter is better for regular use. 16 more words

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The Good Book - The Bible in Literature

The Bible is the most important book in the Western literary canon. There, I’ve said it. If you want to understand anything about literature in the English language you must read the Bible. 400 more words

Cila Warncke

How to Tell A Story that Makes Sense in 10 Steps

There is storytelling, and then there is telling a story that makes sense (even years into the future and long after it’s written). Sometimes as Family Historians, we find that our tales get twisted up into mazes of confusion and backtracking. 1,114 more words


500 Words a Day Challenge!

I’ve just completed the 500 words a day challenge. The challenge requires you to write 500 words a day for thirty-one days in a row. The reason behind this challenge is that writing 500 words a day is very easy to stick with and therefore it can be used to form daily writing into a habit. 676 more words

Common Phrases Used by Authors

Now this is an interesting little chart I stumbled upon as I browsed Facebook. This post from the Writer’s Circle. I often enjoy the posts this page puts up, but this one made me stop and think. 341 more words

Writing Advice

This is how the writer writes

How does her mind meet a thought?

Sometimes it is that magical coincidence of words crossing ways

like serendipity

    — finding something good she didn’t even look or ask for… 44 more words


Your Daily Conciseness #4

Not concise:

She demonstrated a great deal of empathy for others.


She demonstrated remarkable empathy.


There’s no need to say “empathy for others,” because empathy is always for others. 23 more words

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