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Adventures in Comics and the Real World

America Chavez, a Latina and lesbian superhero, saves an alien planet, enrolls at Sotomayor University and punches Adolf Hitler in the first issue of her new Marvel comic book series.


How To Write

Strategies: Writing your numeracy strategy

If you know what you’re going to write for your numeracy strategy, feel free to skip ahead to the assessment template and get started. If you want to walk through the process again for numeracy, please read on. 399 more words

Your best writing.

Your best writing is —

Peanut butter smoothed into

buttery hot sourdough

in a frost-paned kitchen with

$20 lest to your name and

Nowhere to go but still… 109 more words


By: Darcy Tellier

Before we start, lets set the mood with a little music.


Alright! Let’s get started.

10 steps to creating your very own literary masterpiece. 3,078 more words


How a Scrap of Red Paper Enthralled a Century of Collectors

THE ONE-CENT MAGENTA Inside the Quest to Own the Most Valuable Stamp in the World By James Barron 276 pp. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. $23.95.


How To Write

The Great American Novelist Who Spied for the Soviets

The Old Man And The C.C.C.P.: The military historian Nicholas Reynolds considers himself a lifelong fan of Ernest Hemingway.


How To Write