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Why You Should Research After You Write The Book

I’ll admit, sometimes I do research beforehand. However, that’s only when I’m still trying to nail down what could happen in the plot or with a character. 411 more words


This Best-Selling Author Lives With 4 Dogs, 17 Chickens, 3 Horses, a Pony and a Cat

She has four Cavalier King Charles spaniels, a cranky cat, 17 elderly chickens (“everything on my farm is geriatric, including me”), three horses and a 33-year-old pony, but Lisa Scottoline still manages to write three books


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David Farland's Writing Tips : Accepting Responsibility for Your Titles

It’s fairly common for editors to want to change titles. Sometimes a title might be too much like that of another book. For example, one of my novels had the working title of Berserker Prime. 21 more words

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Paperback Row

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes, by Dan Egan. (Norton, $17.95.) Climate change, invasive species and growing human populations are all imperiling the largest freshwater system in the world, which is also the source of drinking water for millions.


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In This Novel, a Grieving Widow Becomes the Detective Hero

THE BIBLE OF DIRTY JOKES By Eileen Pollack 308 pp. Four Way Books. Paper, $19.95. In “False Alarms,” a 1936 Three Stooges short, June Gittelson’s character, Minnie, tells Curly: “You’ll like me after we get acquainted. 13 more words

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When to Wage War, and How to Win: A Guide

ON GRAND STRATEGY By John Lewis Gaddis 368 pp. Penguin Press. $26. What is “grand strategy” as opposed to simple strategy? The term is mostly an academic one.


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