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Writing stories is like excavating a fossil

According to King, there are two necessities to become a good writer: read a lot and write a lot. In order to learn and perfect the craft, it is necessary to read and write every day in a place where you can close the door with zero distractions. 97 more words

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Your Book Editor Just Snagged Your Spot on the Best-Seller List

Four years ago, when former book editor Daniel Mallory purchased his 550-square foot Chelsea apartment, its main draw was the book storage: floor-to-ceiling shelving, which covers a wall of his living room, plus numerous nooks above doorways and under th


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From Naples to Tokyo, New Books in Translation

THE TEMPTATION TO BE HAPPYBy Lorenzo MaroneTranslated by Shaun Whiteside 247 pp. Oneworld. $26.99. Cesare Annunziata doesn’t like people very much, doesn’t get along with his two children, cheated on his wife before she died, has lots of regrets — and seems determined to gather a few more.


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Beware of Family Members Bearing Gifts

WINTERBy Ali Smith336 pp. Pantheon. $25.95. There’s something about novels in trilogies, tetralogies and beyond that gives them a certain allure. It’s not the allure of deathlessness, precisely, but maybe the next best thing: delay.


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Keep Watch Over Your Children: Danger Lurks Everywhere

When a character in a crime novel snaps and kills a child, it’s usually a mother stressed beyond endurance.


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On the Presidency’s Fraught Relationship With the Press

Two releases this month have put the relationship between the press and the Oval Office on display: “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff, which caused a media whirlwind and was denounced by President Donald Trump, and “The


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Knausgaard’s Seasonal Book Series Continues With a Wintry Mix

WINTER By Karl Ove Knausgaard Translated by Ingvild Burkey Illustrated. 254 pp. Penguin Press. $27. “Winter,” the second collection of essays in Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “four seasons” quartet, comprises 60 short pieces, punctuated by three letters addressed to his youngest daughter.


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