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The Signing Of The Books

I’ve scheduled my first book signing!

It’s going to be at Hooked on Colfax, which is the coffee shop where most of the writing for my book took place. 53 more words


My father read to me before I was born.

My dad is unique. Unusual. One of a kind. He’s neurotic, insecure, brilliant, articulate, athletic- race walks three miles a day, reads three to four full-length books a week despite his advanced age (he still has 20-20 vision), and he says, he’s always said, … 456 more words


Get Yer Writing On

What makes a great fictional character?  Do you know how to develop one?  Here is a course with MacArthur Fellow Yiyn Li about writing character-driven stories.  17 more words

Articles By Others

The Acknowledgments Section

An acknowledgments section is somewhat of a dedication, but not the dedications section, where you list who and how certain people influence or inspired you to write your book. 421 more words


Fantasy and Animals: Friday, April 17th

I’ve always loved stories about animals and I always will.

When I was a kid my favorites were the Brian Jacques Redwall Series, the novels Watership Down and The Hobbit, and of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and TV series. 180 more words

Daily Journal

Essential writing skills: what editors do, and why it’s essential

It’s possible these days for anybody who wants to publish to do so. Bung the book up on Amazon, and hey presto – you’re published. But it’s risky without proper editing. 462 more words


Sometimes You Have To Get Dirty...

…in a grooming sense of the word anyway…

I was in the process of getting very dirty when the inspiration for my story Go Ahead, Steal My Car… 398 more words

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