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8 Quick Tips For Great Dialogue| Writamins: Vitamin D |

Welcome back, my inklings, to Writamins!  Your regular dose of condensed writing nutrition designed to get you pumped, get you thinking about your craft and get your project in gear! 965 more words


We interrupt this 'how to write' blog to bring you the following 'Indie Publishing' update~

Sometimes this is how I feel about the world of Indie publishing. Or to quote Lewis Carroll– “The hurrier I go the behinder I get.” For reals…

Julia Barrett Author

Write Wrong

Finding articles about the “right way to write” is remarkably easy. I think of those as diet adds – “The secret to a flat belly!” OMG! 319 more words

How To Write

Build a Ladder to the Sky: Thursday, July 2nd

A piece of writing is only a failure if it goes unfinished. At all costs, you must bust through that finish line ribbon.

But it’s hard to finish a project and write “the end.” It’s easier to keep revising forever and ever. 253 more words

Daily Journal

The Difference Between Thriller and Horror

To write a good horror or thriller, I want to point out the similarities that they both have that make them good stories.

A thriller and a horror both have a lot of action in them. 330 more words


Don't Work Through, Work With

When I was a kid, I took martial arts lessons. The teacher help the classes at my elementary school and at the YMCA. I don’t remember very much from all those years of kicking and punching and katas, but I do remember one thing: 326 more words

Random Thoughts

Habits: Tuesday, June 30th

Habits are the key to existence. A bad habit can kill you; a good one can set you free. The difference between people who drown in the sea of life, and people who surf those same waves, are their habits. 353 more words

Daily Journal