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David Farland's #WritingTips : How Good is Your Agent?

Every day on my Facebook page or in my emails, I hear authors proudly proclaim, “I’ve been approached by a literary agent!” in tremendous excitement, and my first question is “Which one?” Now, there are some great agents out there.


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Testing The Pen

Hello, My name is  Authoress April Ray  I’ve been writing books for over a year now.  I will talk more about that process later.  I began this Blog to help  myself and other Independent Authors & Publishers cope with their struggle of  creating art and storytelling a reality. 275 more words

A Dinner For Crows (21865 words)

Po rubs at his still stinging eyes, the tears haven’t fallen yet, it’s more a nervous tick at this point. Clarissa looks at him with concern writ huge on her face. 4,348 more words

Samuel Eden

The #1 Habit Killing Your Writing And No, It’s Not Procrastination!

Share, Like or Tweet This Post If You Like To Write! Let’s face it, writing is hard work. Sometimes, it feels like a battle to pen a single word onto the page.


How To Write

10 Ways To Create Dangerously Nuanced Antagonists

Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. Writers Write – Write to communicate.


How To Write

Young Writers: Earn Big With These Vital Mindset Changes

I quit my corporate job in February 2015 with $300 in the bank. I had no idea what I wanted to do besides make a living writing. 29 more words

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How to Identify Your Story's Premise-and Its Most Important Part

A high-concept premise can make or break your book—but not in the way you might think. It’s not enough just to come up with a cool idea for your book. 30 more words

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