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Three Act Structure: The Most Basic of Basics

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Today I realized I had been going over all this story structure theory for beginners and I hadn’t even touched on the most basic of basics, three act structure. 348 more words


The Pixar Story Formula

It’s pretty simple, eh?

When we were kids, this was the story formula we followed.

When we’re with kids and they are begging us to tell them a story, this is the story formula we follow. 164 more words

Writing & Editing

Reality in Fiction: Transplants Part One

Warning: This post was difficult for me to write due to the subject being so close to my heart. I apologize in advance if this is not edited to my normal quality as I had a difficult time reading it through. 814 more words

Writing Tips

My ducking phone censors me, damon it

My new phone’s censoring my favourite Anglo Saxon. And I think that’s ducking stupid.

I mean, it’s literally ducking stupid – not the thing you thought I was euphemising. 696 more words


Friendships in Writing

A few days ago, I was getting ready to leave for 10 days to see some friends I have in Texas. This is my 3rd annual trip, and I’m really looking forward to it. 456 more words


Writing Poetry

“Her smiles were spiderbites”
-Ted Hughes; Lovesong

I thought it might be good, as this is both a reading and writing blog, to talk through how I go about writing poems. 1,499 more words