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Building a Strong Team for Your Startup; Guest Entrepreneur Series with Kobina Ansah

You are welcome to Startup Lens Guest Entrepreneur series. Please give me a summary of yourself and what you do
Kobina Ansah is a thinker. I’m fruitfully 27 years old and single *face-squeezed* 764 more words


Fuji X Strap Eyelet Silencers

Because I use Peak Design Anchors and small wrist straps, I’m not a fan of the triangular eyelet rings and the leather protective cover since they look awkward. 161 more words

Fuji X-t1

How To: Get the Best Spray Tan

Hey everyone with prom season and summer fast approaching I thought I’d try to write about something a little different. I wanted to write a piece about spray tans. 700 more words

Paraben Free

How to Make Rose and Citrus Oolong Tea

There are dozens of ways to make your own tea, some as simple as drying peppermint leaves and steeping them, and others that require weeks or months of preparation. 162 more words

Food And Drink

How to Get Your Confidence Back in 5 Minutes or Less (For Beauty, Travel, Photography Bloggers & More!)

 1. Hold a high power pose for two minutes.

Try this superhero pose: Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up with hands placed on your waist and legs hip-width apart. 263 more words


How do I take care of air plants?

I got my first air plant (Tillandsia) in December of 2015 and now it’s having a baby (pictured below) so I must be doing something right! 296 more words


Fords Memory Set Seats

Ford has some wonderful options that make life just a little bit easier and if you share a vehicle with family or for work the memory sets seats are a must. 371 more words