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How to braid a scarf:

Hello everyone, welcome back, today I’m posting a how to on something that is pretty snazzy (there’s a clue in the title)!

I was looking through my most recent blogs and I realised I hadn’t done a fashion blog in ages. 545 more words


How to Grant Administrative Access to Locked Preference Panes for Any User

by Tom Nelson

Are you the designated IT person for your family, or maybe for your small business? If you are, then perhaps you’re getting a bit tired of everyone asking you to provide your administrator name and password every time a printer jams, an app needs updating, or Time Machine throws an error code. 213 more words


How to Read a Topographic Map.

One of the important essentials that are commonly overlooked is how to read a topographic map. Most are content with a trail map, but topo maps provide far more detailed information that can be extremely valuable in the wilderness. 662 more words


How To Suicide ft. Christian Alivera

The Lotion Man Christian Alivera teaches us how to Suicide at Alondra in this tutorial!


About today

Today we reviewed some language points, and I said I’d post examples on “suggest” and check “recommend”, “advice”… I will. Soon-ish!

We had to rearrange plans, as Dolores told us her classmates were not coming. 522 more words


Simple Redstone Device: A Minecart-Powered Furnace Array

You know, I’ve never really spent a whole lot of time on Minecraft’s minecarts until pretty recently. It always seemed more effort than it was worth, particularly when I started using mods (which happened within a couple of months of my introduction to Minecraft). 1,828 more words