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Times Have Changed!

I recieved my 2014/2015 TOUR Credential a couple of weeks ago. (yes – it’s STILL very cool to have one of these.)  I received my first credential in 2001, then continued working on TOUR in 2002.   542 more words

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Homemade Strawberry Jam

I have to say, I was a little nervous about making my own jam. I’m not sure why, I mean the main ingredients are sugar and strawberries .. 849 more words

How To's

Do You Have a Character with an Accent?

Man, I hate that I can’t share stories that I want to publish on here anymore. But I can still give tips!

Do you have a character with an accent? 582 more words

Welcome to the Good Green Home Show!

The Good Green Home Show premiers March 5, 2015. Join Rich Christakes and Shawna Coronado for garden, home, pets, and green living tips and interviews with world-renowned experts. 6 more words


EV3 to EV3: Running text. Take two!

In the previous article we saw how things don’t always go to plan when trying to put together demos. In this post I want to describe an alternative approach to the same problem (creating a running text display over linked EV3s) that works. 1,117 more words


EV3 to EV3: Running text. Sometimes things don't work!

When I first started planning this series I wanted some easy to describe simple examples of using multiple EV3s together to demonstrate the various leJOS APIs. 923 more words


Surviving Holidays/Vacations with an ED

Hello everyone,

I have been a little absent over the last week or so – apart from a few reposts. This is mainly due to my being away on a road trip with my folks, but also because it has been a bit of a rough week… Mainly due to fighting my ED while away. 976 more words

Eating Disorders