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How To Check Internet Speed By CMD

Net connectivity is one of the most frequently faced problems by the users, whether it’s related to strength / speed of the network or connection to the server itself. 794 more words


How To Create Wireless Hotspot In Windows

Many of those people who like LAN Gaming need to use this feature a lot, The  best way is to use proper LAN cable. Though connection through cable is fastest when exchanging/sharing files but when you wish to connect more then one devices cable is not as much easily achievable as connecting through a wireless network. 234 more words


Reading your Stitches - Part 2

Part 1 of my “Reading your Stitches” was posted back in June this summer. Originally I was going to show you the Half Double Crochet stitch for Part 2, but I realized I needed to go a bit more basic first. 665 more words


How To Setup Streaming Replication In MySQL - Slave Node

In my last post, you read about configuring the master node. Here, you will learn how you can configure slave for streaming replication. Lets start this tutorial :) 337 more words


How To Setup Streaming Replication In MySQL - Master Node

Hey there :) I am back today with a post on how to setup Streaming Replication In MySQL. Streaming Replication is a process in which a databases(s) is/are mirrored between 2 0r more servers. 518 more words


How to apply for a new Philippine International Driving Permit (PIDP)

To be able to drive in almost all of the countries that are signatories to the 1949 and 1968 UN Convention on Road Traffic (see list of countries below), you have to be able to obtain the Philippine International Driving Permit (PIDP) and the only issuing body for the PIDP is the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). 344 more words


How-To: Air Travel With a Pelikan

Today’s post comes to you from an altitude of  32,900 feet at speeds of 500+ mph.  It isn’t often that I fly but, when I do, I always feel very comfortable taking my Pelikans along.   1,142 more words