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Guide your damn elephant

There was a combination of factors that compelled me to write this post. The first is this quote from Ryan Holiday and it’s from his Daily Stoic email: 926 more words


Partitions 101: Rules to Resizing Volumes & How to Do It Without Losing Data

by Tom Nelson

Disk Utility, the all-purpose tool for working with storage devices connected to the Mac, has long had the ability to create partitions and manage the resulting volumes. 184 more words


Published Notice Case out of the Colorado Court of Appeals

In re LL

The Court uses the federal regulations and guidelines to determine each participant’s role in inquiry and notice, and remands for proper notice. 193 more words

Author: Kate E. Fort

How to Cover a Cardboard Box with Scrapbook Paper

I have something a little special for you this week. I have wanted to start posting more tutorials and how-to’s, and this is a good start. 946 more words