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Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles

By Kristle Jones

It’s easy to lose track of time in the morning, and occasionally you may only end up with a few minutes to style your hair before rushing out the door. 702 more words


Apa Yang Perlu Dibuat Apabila Mak Ayah Bebel/Marah

Ok. Title says it all. What I didn’t say is ni pon boleh apply klw kene marah ngan cikgu, Boss, etc. etc. Basically this is what you guys should do time korang screwed lah. 173 more words

8 DIY Projects That Boost the Value of Your Home

Thinking of selling your home or just wanting to update your surroundings? Before you start an expensive kitchen remodel, consider how a few DIY projects could not only add value to your home, they can make your house more appealing to potential buyers. 540 more words


One simple and painless way to remove blackheads

Blackheads can be the cause of acne flare ups in some people or a minor annoyance in others, at best. Blackhead extraction during facials leave the skin smooth but in a week or two, the blackheads all come back again. 476 more words

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5 Best Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

To have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, you either have to be a celebrity or you must post something that goes viral. But either of the cases has one in one thousand chances for you and your business. 326 more words

How Social Media Complements SEO?

What people think is that social media will take over SEO. So many of them have ditched SEO efforts and have invested more time and energy on social media marketing. 652 more words


Top 10 Yard Sale Advertising Tips

Hi guys! Now that spring has sprung in the US, you may have noticed signs start to pop up around your neighborhood. You may have even gotten the itch to wake up before dawn on a Saturday morning and follow their bold arrows like a treasure map. 737 more words

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