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Unit of Inquiry - How We Express Ourselves - Preparation for Grade 4 Learning Celebration

As Grade 4 students are fast approaching their Learning Celebration (as well as this Unit of Inquiry Summative Assessment), they have spent the last two weeks’ Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons preparing their best to produce a drama which will convey messages to a specific audience – their parents, teachers and other members of the school community. 96 more words

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Transferring Ball Using Sarong

Nursery students had another exposure in learning to play fairly. This time, they transferred balls from one tray to another by working together with their partner. 92 more words

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Class III ICT Activity - Dance forms


Students of class III made a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Dance Forms’ as part of their ongoing Unit of Inquiry on Festivals under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’. 47 more words

Class 3 ICT Activities

The PYP Exhibition

Four years of teaching the PYP curriculum and attending an IB Exhibition workshop was not enough preparation for what was in store during the PYP Exhibition. 392 more words



In the unit of inquiry, ‘How we express ourselves’, the Central Idea for the fifth graders was “Celebrations and traditions reflect the beliefs and values of cultures”. 208 more words


How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Through play we communicate and develop new understandings.

Concepts: Function, Connection.
Related Concepts: Play, Fair Play, Communication, Interactions, Conflict.

Lines of Inquiry: 405 more words

Learning Experiences 1617

How We Express Ourselves

Central idea: Plays and dramas can be created to convey messages to target specific audiences.

Concepts: Form, Function, Reflection

Related Concepts: cultural differences, value, belief, performing arts… 42 more words

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