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Community Celebrations

Our inquiry into “How geography, climate and resources affect communities and cultures” is winding down.  Next week, for their summative assessment, students will be working together to document their communities in relation to this central idea. 95 more words


Entry 06: Looking out in order to look in

Perspective taking is invaluable. I often get caught up in what is happening right in front of me, not what is around me. Our tendency to look in, not out, can sometimes be beneficial. 118 more words

We are unique human beings

Today we explored how Art allows us to express ourselves in many different ways. We choose 5 aspects of our lives that were unique to us and then created a colour, symbol, image chart. 48 more words

Tuning In

Working from Within - Featured Artists #1

The Grade 5 students at ISHCMC are currently artists. For their How we express ourselves unit, each students is working on two significant pieces of art – one optimistic and one pessimistic. 35 more words


How We Express Ourselves in K2

The K 2 students have been learning lots about how people express themselves.  The central idea of their unit  is that people communicate ideas and feelings in many creative ways. 122 more words


Trading in the year 2101..

We were seated outside on stumps in a circle.  The air was charged with excitement.  In the center was a large trunk where everyone displayed their wares.   240 more words


In the Year 2101...

As part of our first Transdisciplinary Unit, fifth graders were flung through time to the year 2101 where they were put into bands/tribes in three distinct regions in an area of what was once called Ohio.   140 more words

Transdisciplinary Study