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Technology has the tendency to change the way people access information and connect with each other was our first central idea of six this academic year. 894 more words

Unit Of Inquiry

Unit of Inquiry - How We Organize Ourselves (Social Studies, Mathematics and Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (BSI)) - Tuning In Activities

As a starting point to the inquiry of this unit’s central idea – “Government systems influence the lives of citizens” – Grade 4 students focused on “government” and made a list of words (nouns, verbs and adjectives) which they thought are related to “government”. 284 more words

Learning Experiences 1617

Unit of Inquiry - How We Organize Ourselves - Overview

Government plays an important role in modern societies. Not only does it make the law and policies, it also has direct and indirect influence on the lives of citizens. 30 more words

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Unit of Inquiry - How We Organize Ourselves (Visual Arts and ICT) - SketchBook App on iPad

Throughout current Unit of Inquiry (with its transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves”), Grade 4 students will explore elements of Visual Arts digitally (in collaboration with ICT) to deepen their understanding of two key concepts – Function and Connection. 53 more words

PYP Updates 1617

K3 School Community Inquiry

In our first unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves”, K3 students of TKK PENABUR Banda have been learning about school with the specific central idea,” The school community has a role in making the system work for us”. 280 more words


How to build an Inquiry Art Room

At Sekolah Ciputra, we consider the Visual Arts room not only a place for students to create  artwork; instead we consider it more as a place for freedom of expression, for exploring possibilities, for challenging creativity and for promoting inquiry. 521 more words