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How to get Earthquake & Tsunami Alerts to cell phones by SMS

Register your mobile phone at: http://www.
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How I built an earthquake alert when I was 14: Sebastián Alegría at TEDxSantiago

I'm 16 and today I will talk about a project called Earthquake Alarm.
Basically, Earthquake Alarm is an early warning system for earthquakes which aims to deliver a notice between 5 and 30 seconds before they can be perceived in Chile by humans. 7 more words

How Sick To Miss School

How sick does your kid have to be to miss school?

A new survey asked more than 1,400 parents if they’d still send their kids to school with these five symptoms. 118 more words


ShakeAlert—Earthquake Early Warning. How does it work?

1 seconds after the magnitude-six Napa earthquake,ShakeAlert test users in San Francisco received warning that the strongest ground shakingwould arrive in eight seconds, vital time to get to safety. 16 more words

Get the Best Steps to Get your Apple Id changed

Apple phones are used  extensively. The high demands of these phones is very much these days and thus the users of the Apple Id may have an issue in changing the Apple ID.The users of the Apple Id needs to get the best work doe from the apple users. 369 more words