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The Pursuer- How to Deal with the Stress of Graduation.

When it comes to life, one thing is certain; stress is something we all deal with constantly. When it’s your last semester of college, however, take the normal stress and multiply it by 1,000. 373 more words

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5 Steps To Prepare 4 New Friendship

There can be many reasons for it but it still sucks; feeling alone! Whatever the reason here’s what you can to do to turn things around; 5 Steps to prepare for new friendship. 347 more words


How To Get More Online Dates

A new study by Match.com found that you can get more matches by…

A new study by Match.com found that men who just MENTION Shakespeare in their profile get 27% more matches. 66 more words



Oh my god, I’m so so so so so so sorry for the absence! I use this excuse every time, but honestly school sort of took over my life. 279 more words


How Twitter Can Harness The Power of The Hashtag

A couple days ago Twitter released their quarterly results with mixed news. The positive take away is the growth of their user base to 310 million users. 441 more words


How Stuff Works#1: The Internet

The Internet in 2016

What is the internet? To some , the Internet can mean their local broadband providers, or the underground wires and fiber-optic cables that carry data back and forth across cities and oceans. 1,587 more words