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A few words on "not passing"

There are some interesting things that I have encountered and some of them I have not been able to pigeonhole in helpful ways. No two¬†human bodies experience change in the same way, and this is certainly most obvious from looking at the students whom I teach…and then looking in the mirror. 349 more words

Today is Day 25

I have a handful of poems and other thoughts to be added, but here is where I’ll start today. I feel a bit like I’m forging new metal and foraging along a path that should be there already, but it’s nowhere to be found. 157 more words


I don’t know how many times I have read these same five¬†pages about how the introduction of masculinizing hormones may and/or will affect my body. 391 more words

The Question Words, Part 1(?)

Who? It’s me. It’s really still the same me that I have always been. There’s just a change. A change in me. I know that my discussions in the past have led to people who “don’t get it”. 337 more words

T minus 28 days (to lift-off)

In the waiting area for the train:

Leafy, luscious plants, verdant and contained
in their boxy homes
pointy leaf striated bodies

Chatter all around me of people going home… 131 more words