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Howard Brown Health Center Transgender Outreach Coordinator and Columbia College Chicago Diversity Initiative Director Myles Brady and Precious Davis on Bruce Jenner

Howard Brown Health Center Transgender Outreach Coordinator Myles Brady joins Dean to share his thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer that aired Friday on ABC’s “20/20.” With Brady is Columbia College Chicago Diversity Initiative Assistant Director… 26 more words

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning

A few words on "not passing"

There are some interesting things that I have encountered and some of them I have not been able to pigeonhole in helpful ways. No two¬†human bodies experience change in the same way, and this is certainly most obvious from looking at the students whom I teach…and then looking in the mirror. 349 more words

Today is Day 25

I have a handful of poems and other thoughts to be added, but here is where I’ll start today. I feel a bit like I’m forging new metal and foraging along a path that should be there already, but it’s nowhere to be found. 157 more words


I don’t know how many times I have read these same five¬†pages about how the introduction of masculinizing hormones may and/or will affect my body. 391 more words

The Question Words, Part 1(?)

Who? It’s me. It’s really still the same me that I have always been. There’s just a change. A change in me. I know that my discussions in the past have led to people who “don’t get it”. 337 more words

T minus 28 days (to lift-off)

In the waiting area for the train:

Leafy, luscious plants, verdant and contained
in their boxy homes
pointy leaf striated bodies

Chatter all around me of people going home… 131 more words

Taking Charge: How transgender youth are trumping the medical system

Stroger Hospital, pictured above, is one of the only places in Chicago where trans youth can get assistance transitioning at an affordable cost as an alternative to self-medding. 2,412 more words

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