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Monday night baseball

Last night, while browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon this VHS recording of a telecast of a 1979 ABC Monday Night Baseball game between the Angels and the Redsox.   169 more words


Why the new Battle of the Network Stars Makes Me Sad

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted with something I’d thought I’d wanted for years now. After being reminded a few years ago of the glory of  1,807 more words


March 25: Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin and Elton John

While we have some worthy names from the world of film and television with birthdays today, we have a pair of music legends who were essentially self-selecting choices as headliners. 1,440 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

Inauguration? Why not a day of service instead? ... PUYP goes Howard Cosell for a fund raiser ... litter saved from the brink ... and cleaner NC air

Disclaimer: I do not watch TV. I have a spiffy flat screen, but it has gathered dust without use in the past 18 months. There are better things to do with my time. 478 more words

Mike Francesa's "Slots" Predictions And My Comments

First a little more regarding the well paid incompetence of Mike Francesa then his predictions which I “warned” last week as the usual/favorites/chalk were not to be gone against, at least not with the intensity had it been the regular season and not the playoffs. 507 more words

And still...all we need is love.

I sat behind Paul Gardner in my eighth grade Language Arts class at Longfellow Middle School. Paul was bigger than the rest of us, lanky and tall as a beech tree. 561 more words


Drew and Zipp - 1992


Download the File | Some of the segments you’ll hear:

  • Bob Boner Auto Show
  • Chuck Swirsky
  • Dr. Kevorkian
  • Gay Superheroes
  • Gay Talk about Football…
  • 62 more words