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Art Is Vital - The Atlantic

As I have been doing the research for my book “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities” I have come across several articles in the Atlantic that support and extend the need for the arts in our individual and community life. 72 more words

Coming back up for air so I can rant about "learning styles"

Hi all. As you can see, I haven’t posted on here for awhile.

This school year has been crazy, as I’m adjusting to a new teaching position. 464 more words

Curriculum And Instruction

Emotional Intelligence [EQ] in Medicine


The Five Basic Non-Cognitive Competencies

Many of us have encountered a person who may intellectually be at upper levels, but whose ability to interact with others appears to that of one who is highly immature. 720 more words


Blogging from A to Z Day 9: Intelligences

I is for Intelligences

One of the most interesting and useful things I learned in my developmental psychology class is Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. 475 more words


Frames of Mind

I came across this quote whilst doing my homework for my Educational Psychology class, and it really hit home. I thought I would share it with you guys. 131 more words


Children room design ideas: Designs that benefit your children.

When you think of your child’s room you instantly think of comfort and safety but what about education? Education is so important and plays an essential role in a child’s life at every moment of every day. 624 more words

How To...

Ronald Reagan as master of framing

Gardner, Extraordinary Minds, 150

I have been struck by how, at every phase of his unusual career, Ronald Reagan was underestimated by most observers.  Doubtless this was due to his easygoing personality, his tendency to engage in self-deprecation, and, perhaps, his lack of the analytic skills that one expects in top-flight Influencers. 110 more words