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Arbeidsmåter #1

Howard Gardner er en opphavsmann av teorien om multiple intelligenser som går ut på at ulike mennesker har forskjellige ferdigheter, evner og kompetanser. Ifølge denne teorien mennesker bruker enkelte eller kombinasjon av ulike kompetanser for å lære om verden. 352 more words


My Taxi Driver Reads Chomsky: Reclaiming the Liberal Arts in South Africa

As published on the Huffington Post:

If you have to get lost, I recommend doing it at the top of Table Mountain. That’s what I did. 1,376 more words

Eclectic Thoughts

Teaching to Multiple Intelligences

As Gardner (n.d.) mentions, the increase of readily available media and software make it very practical for today’s teachers to incorporate multiple intelligence activities in the classroom. 583 more words


Multiple Intelligences

Knowing yourself is one of the most important pieces of knowledge to know! I wish that I had understood myself better when I was at school. 308 more words

Why Multiple Intelligences are Important

Why do I believe multiple intelligences are important?

I believe they’re important because they represent another facet of student diversity. I appreciate that as learners we are all different. 350 more words



~ E&E ~ Excellence And Ethics

~ CV ~ Core Values

~ WSSEMWP&P? ~ Why Should Society Entrust Me With Power And Prestige?

~ SOMI ~ Sense Of Moral Identity… 127 more words


What type of intelligence do you have? A quickie quiz!

This just in….I’m able to use language in many different ways, such as to entertain, to persuade and to inform, and I have strong grammar skills.  34 more words