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Harper Lee and Standardized Tests

My daughter, who is a high school freshman, is reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Well, she’s supposed to be reading it. She told me when she was attempting to read the book, she was constantly drifting off, reading the same sections again and again, and nothing was penetrating. 530 more words

An Interview with the Father of Multiple Intelligences

On the 26th anniversary of his book Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner discussed the impact and evolving interpretation of his groundbreaking theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner, the John H. 1,155 more words


Teaching & Learning: Know Yours & Others' Strengths

Over the course of both modules the two main take-aways I had were:

  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Using Multiple Intelligences (See Howard Gardner)

This post focuses on how I as a learner and teacher unpacked multiple intelligences. 840 more words


Thinking About the Way You Think

Part of becoming a life long learner is discovering your strengths and weaknesses. The more you discover about the way you think and learn, the more you will grow. 109 more words

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Sekolah dan Modernisme

Harry Santosa – Millenial Learning Center
November 3, 2016

Modernisme di Barat memang telah kehilangan dukungannya. Barat kini bergerak ke Post Modernisme. Sistem Persekolahan Modern ala pabrik yang menyeragamkan sudah ditinggalkan, berganti menjadi sistem persekolahan posmo yang lebih “humanis”. 487 more words

Human Being

Musik Itu Mudah, Bukan? 

Diminta bantuan mengaransemen ulang sebuah lagu lama untuk keperluan musik dalam sebuah video. Awalnya agak segan karena masih banyak kerjaan lain. Akhirnya, menyanggupi. Dalam 30 menit, aransemennya jadi. 108 more words


Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences

It’s not how intelligent you are that matters,says Dr Howard Gardner. Rather, what really matters is how you are intelligent. Howard Gardner is an eminent psychologist who gave us the theory of Multiple Intelligences, and is now working on an even bigger topic; what it means to be good. 694 more words

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