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Losing Out on Potential Teen Power — Our Curriculum is Costing Us

“It’s amazing that a kid can have an idea and end up serving other kids in the community,” said Nicole Peters, development associate of Door of Hope ( 367 more words


Intelligence + Learning

Seven Learning Styles

  1. Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
  2. Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music.
  3. Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
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Mengasah dan Menstimulasi Kecerdasan Majemuk Sejak Dini Dengan Moricare+ Prodiges

Kapan itu ngobrol sama ayahnya Anya tentang pendidikan. Kami ngobrolin betapa biaya pendidikan sekarang tuh mahal banget dan komersil banget. Komersialisasi pendidikan bahkan udah dimulai sejak pendidikan usia dini. 1,401 more words


Thousands of leaps

Becoming a Graham dancer was hard work. Graham believed that it took ten years to build a dancer (which fits with the ten-year rule for creative breakthroughs that I have described): “The body must be tempered by hard, definite technique—the science of dance movement—and the mind enriched by experience.” Students worked every day on “the torture,” becoming muscular and hardened in the process.

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Quote Of The Day

The Multi-Dimensional Mind

Today, I had the opportunity to start reading Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons. I am familiar with some of Howard Gardner’s work because the director of my school wants to design the curriculum around the multiple intelligences. 747 more words

Educational Technology

learning styles: the evidence

The PTA meeting was drawing to a close. The decision to buy more books for the library instead of another interactive whiteboard had been unanimous, and the conversation had turned to educational fads. 1,334 more words


The Road to 65, Miles 339-40: Effervescence

November 2-3, 2015, Chino Valley

Although this deals with two days, I will be succinct.  I feel several changes welling up within me, all of them good.   288 more words