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Why you can have a low IQ but still be amazingly smart

Ah, intelligence.

When you think of intelligence, what comes to mind?  Is it that math genius who scores well on IQ tests, with questions like the one above?  1,839 more words

One Dance: Multiple Intellengence

Shemini, this week’s Torah portion, starts on the eighth day, following the seven days of their inauguration of the Tabernacle. Connected to this theme we see in the Haftarah the image of King David dancing and whirled with all his might as they brought the Ark of God from the house of Obed-edom to the City of David to inaugurate its new location. 372 more words

3.03 Shemini

How can students gain competitive advantage in this highly qualified labor market?

Businesses and markets are changing fast, really fast. Therefore, companies are requesting more and more from their employees. They believe that the right people can overcome the upcoming challenges and make the company increase value. 440 more words

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Frames of Mind

Most individuals have a level of competence with various skill sets.  I have reasonable eye/hand coordination which allows me to play a passable game of golf.  189 more words

Frames Of Mind

How do you know if someone is intelligent or not?

The question ‘ How do you know if someone is intelligent or not?’ was posed to me a week ago. Since then, I started to reflect on how frame a proper answer. 1,081 more words

Science Communication

TSM156 : Enriching Your Life With Guided Learning

I made TSM156 last month and was going to trash it because of excessive wind and clicks. You can thank my friend Frédéric for encouraging me to post it anyway ! 244 more words

Multiple Intelligences Theory in Higher Education

Maybe you have heard of the Multiple Intelligences theory when it gained popularity in the 90s and since then students have been categorized based on the characteristics of each intelligence found in Howard Gardner’s books,  395 more words