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How the Digital Generation will Change Teaching

How does teaching and learning change in a world where information is at our fingertips?

Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist, spoke in an Edutopia video on “ 459 more words


evolved minds and education: intelligence

The second vigorously debated area that Geary refers to in Educating the Evolved Mind is intelligence. In the early 1900s statistician Charles Spearman developed a technique called… 1,238 more words


On Creativity and Mindfulness

I do not think one can exist without the other. We must be mindful of the creative process and what it means to be creative. Isaac Asimov once said that to be creative, “isolation was a requirement.” At times I believe this is true. 448 more words


An Evolving Mind - Where contradictions are simultaneously true

This article by Rick Ackerly titled “A Dynamic Mind: Not a Growth Mindset” talks about how categories are killing growth in children. By 4th grade, kids put themselves into categories – “I am smart”, “I am dumb”, “I am shy” and so on. 134 more words

Combine Two Ideas

Un manual para padres acerca de la educación

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El manual Mejor educados escrito por Gregorio Luri habla de disciplina, escuela, paternidad y roles. Recuerda la necesidad de emplear fórmulas educadas sin excepción (recuerde: por favor, perdone, gracias). 402 more words


Giftedness: Important Theorists and Theories

While the definitions of “intelligence” or requirements for being classified as “gifted” shift by theorist and by state, there are some beliefs which transcend state lines. 920 more words

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences 

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences According to Gardner there are 8 frames of mind that can be present in a person.

Gardner opposes the idea of labeling learners to a specific intelligence. 196 more words