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Can you be successful at both Sports and Education?

By Zaheer Clarke

Published November 27, 2017

Sports and education are not diametrically opposing pathways to learning and success. They can be intertwined successfully by focusing on the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence of student-athletes. 1,245 more words



Let’s think about this:

How often when you were a kid at school, did you love to play games or sing songs, but were frustrated when the Maths or History teacher entered the class?

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Positive Psychology

The MI Series: Interpersonal

This is one of the less tangible areas of Multiple Intelligence, a theory presented by Howard Gardner that proposes eight areas of intelligence rather than just one. 360 more words

Do You Have a Mind of a Futuristic Leader?

It has already been 9 years since Howard Gardner wrote “5 Minds for the Future.” As I reviewed this book recently, I found it to incredibly valuable in becoming that disruptive leader with a futuristic mindset. 996 more words

Disruptive Leadership

Why Do We Think The Working Class is Less Intelligent?

My grandfather had an eighth-grade education. The story was that he dropped out to help his parents run the farm, but judging by the number of creative ways he skipped school, I can’t imagine the decision was difficult for him. 1,409 more words

Society & Culture

How the Digital Generation will Change Teaching

How does teaching and learning change in a world where information is at our fingertips?

Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist, spoke in an Edutopia video on “ 459 more words


evolved minds and education: intelligence

The second vigorously debated area that Geary refers to in Educating the Evolved Mind is intelligence. In the early 1900s statistician Charles Spearman developed a technique called… 1,238 more words