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Gendered wage inequality: an overview

Nothing in this blog is intended to diminish the suffering of males at the hands of more powerful males. Still, the silencing of many women propels me to comment at some length. 574 more words


Inteligenta pozitiva, Shirzad Chamine

Inteligenta…verbala, logico-matematica, muzicala, spatiala, cinetica, interpersonala, intrapersonala, naturista, spirituala.

Howard Gardner, Teoria inteligentelor multiple, 1980

Un alt tip de inteligenta ne supune atentiei, Shirzad Chamine- Inteligenta pozitiva. 240 more words


Denken oder nicht denken, das ist die Frage

Heute habe ich an einer Fortbildung teilgenommen, die sich mit dem Thema “Soft Skills” befasste.

Unter “Soft Skills” versteht man außerfachliche Kompetenzen, die beispielsweise die emotionale Intelligenz betreffen. 460 more words


What is Your Child's Strongest Intelligence?

Here, we will take our time and explore ways to exercise and strengthen your child’s existing intelligences. According to the theory of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner, Harvard), there are right categorical intelligences. 741 more words

All Ages

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

In learning about the development of children, our teachers focus on various theorists whose research has impacted the way we view growth. Recently our Child Growth and Development classes learned about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. 95 more words


And When We Fail

Yes, we fail, we all fail, it’s a natural thing. But, why is so hard when happens? how we can handle it better? and from where it comes? 603 more words