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Happy Hallowe'en! 'Archangel' video

Here, to celebrate Hallowe’en is the second video from the Modulation Freaks EP1. ‘Archangel’ was directed by Richard Handyside.

Feel free to download the EP here.

Jo Bartlett

The Marathon and me. Bawling, Therapy, Guilt, Bawling

When I was a kid, the only Marathon I was interested in was the chocolate bar now known as Snickers. Having said that, I was a little chubby kid and didn’t like a lot of foods, and peanuts back then were a no go area. 612 more words

Troubled Water: Dementia, unhappy endings - comparing Simon and Garfunkel to ACDC

I can be a terrible music bore. I AM a terrible music bore. I had a lovely moment this very afternoon when two friends came by and said “what’s this?” to my playing Bill Callahan stuff… So I then proceeded to put on a bit too much and then try to talk them through the lovely lyrics in Rococo Zephyr. 389 more words


The beginning of “The End” – a music festival for Crouch End

This week’s post is a bit different, but there’s something exciting happening next weekend in my neighborhood so I’d like to give it a heads up. 278 more words


Things I am embarrassed about - Number one in a series

“If we’re real music fans, we might even displace a prototype in favor of another based on knowledge that we gain. Take, for example, the song “Twist and Shout.” You might have heard it countless times by live bands in various bars and Holiday Inns, and you might also have heard the recordings by the Beatles and the Mamas and the Papas. 353 more words

I'm a cyclist, a driver and a pedestrian

When I experience, hear about, or witness irresponsible behaviour in a professional context it reminds me of the debates between road users who annoy the hell out of each other all the time. 44 more words

Are we so delicate?

I’ve had this reputation for a while among certain of my friends for being a straight talker. This is a bit wrong. I am a bit of a show off sure, and will say something to get a laugh, or a rise off someone, but I’m not intentionally mean and it hurts me a lot when folks are intentionally mean to me. 128 more words