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365 Days of Gratitude - Day 102

A cup of coffee for that kinda’ morning…

For the little punch it gives, for the subtle lifting of the brain haze, for the way it tastes on the backside of the tastebuds, for sharing the tradition with friends! 31 more words

#RaceTogether - So Many Lessons, So Little Time.

There are hundreds of articles everyday that encourage us to explore our passions, live boldly and shy away from the ordinary. I am learning that being a passionate person isn’t easy. 304 more words

You Can Change It

Putting customers to work

Though my partner might say otherwise, I don’t look that young, I don’t claim to be pretty and I can be a bit of a, well…not-so-young grump. 847 more words

New Business

“If you want to achieve widespread impact and lasting value, be bold”
-Howard Schultz


The birth of a Frappuccino

It has been 20 years since the Frappuccino was born, and it took the coffee business by storm. It can be called many, many names like Frappe, Creamice, and Cooler, but it all started in Los Angeles, California during the summer of 1993 when a Starbucks partner (employee) named Dina Campion heard about frozen coffees in other areas of the states and thought that Starbucks might benefit greatly from this idea. 388 more words


Starbucks reports increased traffic and sales thanks to...tea

Starbucks again got a big boost from its recent acquisition of Starbucks Japan and from its new Flat White and tea drinks. Here are some takeaways from Thursday’s earnings report. 466 more words


Howard Schultz: Starbucks to open Ferguson store

Starbucks baristas may not be writing “Race Together” on customers’ coffee cups anymore, but CEO Howard Schultz certainly isn’t done talking about the nation’s touchiest topic. 597 more words