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Starbucks to continue cashless transactions.. without Bitcoin.

Howard Schultz needs another Venti cafe latte – 2 sugars, HOT.

Howard Schultz hates Bitcoin.

Both statements are true, as the coffee giant’s CEO, Howard Schultz, comments on eventually adopting ALT coin use..just not Bitcoin. 116 more words


Howard Schultz Starbucks former CEO chose Blockchain tech over Bitcoin

Starbucks former CEO, Howard Schultz brought up cryptocurrency in a company’s a post-earnings conference call on Thursday. And he says that although one or more widely accepted digital currencies are coming in the next few year. 67 more words


2018: The year of perp walks

Will 2018 be the year of corporate executive perp walks?

Last year we saw the spontaneous resignations of bold face business names leaving cushy jobs for no reason other than “to spend more time with the family.” 249 more words


In the Spotlight: Starbucks' Glossy New Shanghai Roastery

Three years after Starbucks debuted the Roastery on Capitol Hill as a playground for coffee aficionados, the company Wednesday is taking the wraps off a China version twice as large to introduce its most exclusive and expensive beans to its fastest growing market. 227 more words


The Two Minute Bio: Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is CEO and chairman of Starbucks, the highly successful coffee company.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 19, 1953, Howard Schultz graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in communications before becoming director of retail operations and marketing for the Starbucks Coffee Company in 1982. 352 more words


Two Thumbs Up To Starbucks ! 👍 👍🏿

I think I have some things figured out, finally.  People are bored with their lives and have nothing to do.  So, they invent things to protest.  848 more words

Social Commentary

Starbucks Schultz Thinks Corporate Tax Rate Cut “A Mistake”

Howard Schultz, Starbucks executive chairman, voiced out concerns against the corporate tax rate cut in the U.S. without also tackling more extensive tax reform.

Schultz discussed in an interview that, “You can’t have a corporate tax cut without having a transformation in complete tax reform.” 419 more words