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World's Finest 64 - King Faraday guests, and Wyoming Kid ends

Wow that extremely modern sign looks so old and awful.  But the narrow buildings on the cover of World’s Finest 64 (May/June 1953) remain cool. 278 more words

World's Finest 13 - the Daily Planet turns 100, and the Star-Spangled Kid makes a movie

There actually is a connection between the cover image and the Superman story in World’s Finest 13 (Spring 1944), although I have no doubt it was coincidental. 310 more words

World's Finest 10 - the Star-Spangled Kid vs Mr. Gadget, and the Boy Commandos head to Russia

While I generally like covers that assemble a variety of characters on them, the cover of World’s Finest 10 (Summer 1943) is just sloppy.

A recurring villain for the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripsey is introduced in this Howard Sherman story. 252 more words

Action 256 - Superman sees the future, Janu becomes Congorilla, and Dick Wilson debuts

A true classic cover on Action 256 (Sept. 59), for the Superman story by Binder, Swan and Kaye.

Superman undergoes a scientific experiment that transforms him into a future man, the Ultra-Superman.  356 more words

Action 254 - Luthor creates Bizarro, Congo Bill vs Congorilla, and Supergirl cons people

Bizarro had been introduced in the Superboy comic the previous year, but the character died at the end of the story.  Otto Binder and Al Plastino bring the character back for good in Action 254 (July 1959). 478 more words

Action 248 - Jimmy and Clark in prison, and Congo Bill becomes Congorilla

Congorilla gets to share the cover of Action 248 (Jan. 59) with Superman.  This is only the second time Congo Bill has been represented on the cover of this book, despite a run of over 15 years. 252 more words

Action 226 - Superman fights a glass thief, Janu joins Jungle Joe, and Space Billboards!

Another not-quite-but-sort-of Bizarro character is featured in Action 226 (March 1957), by Binder, Boring and Kaye.

A giant, white, monstrous alien is found buried in the Earth, and brought back to Metropolis to be displayed. 296 more words