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Ant Man

Ant who ? Yes I am sure like me when you heard the latest Marvel Superhero was to be Ant Man, you scratched your head and thought who is he, I’ve never heard of him. 421 more words

Stephanie Cosplays Agent Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter — Captain America: The First Avenger

Cons: Indiana Comic Con 2015; C2E2 2015

Status: Active

Peggy is the best, duh. After watching a ton of Agent Carter, I had a strong desire to cosplay Peggy. 193 more words


Captain America – The First Avenger (2011)

Marvel’s first action hero movie that started it all; Captain America- The first Avenger is based on the life of American war hero Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who went down fighting during the 2nd World War and woke up 70 years later to find the war has ended and life as he knew is over. 190 more words


Marvel's Agent Carter is coming to the UK

So, it may have taken a while for it to hit our shores, but it has finally been announced today! Marvel’s Agent Carter, set during the early years of S.H.I.E.L.D. 126 more words


Operation SIN #5

Operation SIN #5

Written by: Kayhryn Immonen

Art by: Rich Ellis

Cover by: Michael Komark

Released: May 6, 2015

And so operation S.I.N comes to an end, but was the ending a good one or a bad one? 177 more words


(MARVEL WEEK) Captain American: The First Avenger REVIEW: "Star-Spangled Nostalgia"

With Avengers in the pipeline, this movie felt like a placeholder in many people’s eyes. To many people, they simply needed to endure through another origin story just so they can fully appreciate the grandeur of  560 more words

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