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PB: Today, We May Heal

When SDM started this blog in July, 2011, the issue that drove us to write was the travesty that was (and is) the way Palmetto Bay treated Palmer Trinity. 313 more words

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PB: Three More Reasons You Must Vote Against Shelley Stanczyk

If you don’t know the mess Mayor Stancyzk made of Palmer, then you can go back and read through some of our posts by searching under “Palmer Trinity.” We also won’t talk about how bloated the village budget became under her tenure. 1,041 more words

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PB: England's Fightin' Words

The Miami Herald published online a Soapbox letter from village mayor candidate Peter England. Most of you will see it in your Sunday paper, but SDM thinks you may want to preview it here: 367 more words

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PB: He ain't heavy...he's exonerated!

Careful readers may have noticed a recent uptick in guest posts from David Singer and you would be correct!

Mr. Singer sends us comments in the form of posts and when SDM likes them we post them here for your reading pleasure…after some editing. 882 more words

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