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“The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” 17 more words


Late Night Zinn

Howard Zinn (1922 – 2010), the influential historian and social activist, has several simple quotes that are particularly adept at explaining the role that the average citizen has played in both horrific and progressive moments in human history. 50 more words


Book Review: Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968

13 April 2018 |RON JACOBS | CounterPunch

When those interested in the history of the Sixties are considering cities that were centers of countercultural art, music and communities, Boston is not near the top of their lists. 853 more words


The Problem is Civil Obedience by Howard Zinn + Matt Damon Reads from Howard Zinn's Speech

by Howard Zinn
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Previously published on November 25, 2013
March 22, 2018

[By the latter part of May, 1970, feelings about the war in Vietnam had become almost unbearably intense. 4,037 more words


'Activate' for right of centre bigotry and hate

On 1st March 2018 Activate UK, which proclaims it is ‘Actively engaging young people in the right of centre politics’, posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “As the cold settles in and the national gas supply is running low we are hearing horrific stories… All across the country, Socialists are being forced to put their hands in their own pockets.” 1,152 more words


The Weak Choose War

We must look for negotiated solutions, even at the expense of national pride, must consider human life more important than boundary lines, must buy time for the achievement of justice without war. 200 more words


I protest! I want my priceless pazazz back

I protest! I want my pazazz back. It’s not something I have ever taken lightly or for granted, but somewhere inside me I’ve had this little box of it and it has been very nice thank you. 858 more words