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Just a short note today as I continue to read, reflect and do some research and writing on my Civil War and Gettysburg Staff Ride text, even as I get ready to lead another staff ride to Gettysburg this weekend. 527 more words


Most Recent Books I've Read

So much for thinking I would do an end of month summary of the books I both liked, and disliked, for that period. Again I am halfway through April and haven’t shared the books read in the month of March. 1,580 more words

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The paper caper

To have been young, in my twenties, during the time of Watergate, was fortunate. Of course I did not understand it – very few did then, and possibly fewer now. 575 more words

Fake Events

A People's History of The United States

Up to this point, you are probably familiar with one interpretation of  United States’ history. You probably learned this interpretation in school. And odds are that you never had a desire to research to see if there were… 66 more words


Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

 “We are Life, in human form. Descendants of the stars and galaxies, children of the oceans and forests, creative expressions of Nature. As much a part of this planet as the rivers, trees, mountains and butterflies. 192 more words

Human Behavior