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The Democratic Party is a Revolutionary's Enemy

I was once naive about the ways of the world, or at least, more naive than I am now. Those were the days when everything seemed so simple, so black and white. 1,063 more words


The Point of Protest

Today in the social media sphere, you will sense the Minnesotan is fearful that their yearly binge on cheese curds and turkey legs will soon be infringed upon.  822 more words


Howard Zinn: American Historian & Social Activist

A Bit About Zinn

Historian and social activist Howard Zinn was born on August 22, 1922. He wrote A People’s History of the United States… 127 more words


History, Critical Thinking & Truth

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

Just a short note today as I continue to read, reflect and do some research and writing on my Civil War and Gettysburg Staff Ride text. 422 more words


"Zinn-s" of the Father

Mitch Daniels is absolutely right… “A People’s History of the United States” is a fraud.  It is a best-selling fraud, but it isn’t the first… 303 more words


it's a long slow walk...

CBC Radio had Chris Hedges on yesterday morning talking about the Ferguson race riots, growing income inequality, and various other “proofs” that America was a nation in decline. 678 more words


Let the Readers Decide

Compare two descriptions of the same historical event… the American Revolution.  The first is an introduction by the esteemed Colonial era scholar, Gordon Wood.   The second passage is the analysis of “radical historian”  Howard Zinn.  237 more words