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My Neighbor Totoro

Being a Studio Ghibli fan I knew the character Totoro mostly from it being the mascot of the company but I only watched the movie a few months ago. 815 more words



Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio responsible for what are arguably some of the greatest movies of all time, animated or not, have consistently created timeless stories that continue to excite and amaze several decades after their original release. 927 more words


A beginner's guide to the Studio Ghibli movies

It’s Japanese and has a weird-sounding name — but Studio Ghibli is the equivalent of Pixar or Disney in the Eastern Hemisphere, and they got the awards to show for it. 801 more words


Open the Door: Top 5 Novels Featuring Portals

Humour me for a moment. Imagine walking up to a door. It looks perfectly normal. You’ve passed it a thousand times and never thought twice about it. 999 more words


Ever feel out of place? Maybe you're just CG

CG enhanced animation has been around for some time, from Golgo 13’s beautiful rendition of what we can assume is a helicopter, to current and upcoming series fans are drooling over as we speak. 164 more words


Howl's Moving Castle

Hello, dear readers!

This is a review I was planning to post back in February, but then I got super busy. So, without further ado, here’s my review of Miyazaki’s… 252 more words

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A whimsical Ghibli-like world captured in beautiful GIFs you can stare at all day

We talk about Hayao Miyazaki all the time here on RocketNews24, but that’s because the worlds that he created in his films are timeless and fascinating masterpieces… 379 more words