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How to steal an election

Neat! In fact it did happen that way in Northern Ireland back in the 80’s


Beginners Guide to Thrifting

So often people choose to overspend at the mall when second-hand stores are so much more affordable. Sure, I get it… walking into any thrift shop, the racks packed with tightly with clothing and the shelves brimming with stock, can be a real daunting task for anybody, but don’t get overwhelmed by the often dingy floors, bad lighting, and funky smell… I promise there are plenty of good quality, and stylish treasures to be found in almost any second- hand store… or antique market! 252 more words


wsadmin ProfileAdmin error "NameError: bAskForNodeComm"

I stumbled across this issue when trying to update a users information in Connections after a UID change.

I’d successfully updated the PROF_UID and PROF_UID_LOWER with the new information, and TDI had synched across the new user data. 106 more words


DIY Diary cum photo album

Ever since my school days I had always been very fond of Chart Papers .. i would buy multiple color of chats , take it in my room and then would sit hours with a pair of scissors thinking what to really do with it ;)   I did create some photo albums cum diary during my school days.. 116 more words


The secrets of an anti-gravity cake. It's easy when you know how!

For this cake you will need-

1 x balloon stick

Packet of M&M’S

Extra M&M’S for decoration

Melted chocolate

Icing bag

3 x chocolate sponge layers… 404 more words

Anti-gravity Cake

HowTo - Remote Sign-Out of Your Google Apps Account

This tutorial will show how to access a details screen with information on when and from what type of device(s) your Google Apps account has been recently accessed. 17 more words


Thought-FULL Cup Gifts

These cup gifts are easy and can be made for any occasion!

My mother will be proud of this one. I’m pretty sure I’m pulling this out of the recesses of my mind and it was actually her idea in the first place (and now she is probably excitedly telling my dad that I gave her credit for something on the internet. 210 more words