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How To Improve Relations With Your Manager

You have landed your dream job in the heart of the big city where the crowd of hustling pedestrians are numerous and the glass-pane skyscrapers are mountainous. 732 more words


Python 3 Os File Tools

The Python os module has a number of useful file commands that allow developers to perform common file tasks such as changing file permissions, renaming files, or even deleting files. 219 more words

(One) of my most embarrassing stories - I cannot believe I'm writing this.

From a peer suggestion, I was told to write about this EXACT story I tell at parties. You know, about that time I was bald… 432 more words


NG Components - Treeview


I’m creating some open source angular components to use across multiple projects within the organization. This might be useful for other people as well. The components will be open source and reside in a… 1,281 more words


How To: Kicktipp strategy simulation

I don’t know, how many of you know Kicktipp. Kicktipp is a very popular betting game in Germany, where everybody can start an own small betting community and can invite people to this community. 1,479 more words


How To Sell Anything

Yes, you can sell anything!

We’ve all been there. We’ve bought too many shoes or phone cases or jackets or jewellery or kids toys or goldfish tanks. 493 more words


Hello Java Hipster: Angular 4 and Spring Boot

In this blog post, Java Hipster will help us creating a mini blog application based on Angular 4 and Spring Boot. Angular is a popular framework for creating reactive single page applications, while Spring Boot is a robust java-based backend framework that helps you create database access and RESTful APIs. 2,842 more words