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Fitting nuts and bolts in 3D Printed parts

#Fitting nuts and bolts in #3DPrinted parts

Nuts and Bolts don’t fit into 3D printed parts, try this simple trick to make it fit


How To Make Bonding of 3DPrinted Objects

How To Make Bonding of 3DPrinted Objects

1st method is to use a drill tool which creates friction and welds the two plastics together. Second method is using Aceton which chemically melts the plastic and making it sticky enough to where you can bond things together.


Homework for Monday, Fubruary 15

What happens when a celebrity becomes president? It’s already happened in Haiti. Over the weekend, read the article What Happens When a Celebrity Becomes President… 88 more words


Danish Butter Cookie

Searching on Mr.Google, there’re many recipes show you how to make butter cookie. It took me about 2 years to find this recipe and take out some own tips after followed this recipe 3-4 times. 616 more words


How to have a fresh start?

Lately I consider myself a master of starting fresh, at the point zero.And I have developed a pretty good understanding of what is necessary to not loose it when you have to build everything from ground up. 896 more words


Friday Fix: Write Better Love Letters

Hello, All!

It’s Friday again (actually, at the time of writing this, it’s Tuesday…but as you’re reading this, I’m actually 700 miles away from my desk in what I hope is a not too bone chilling Chicago). 735 more words


HOWTO undo a git push

Normally, undoing git remote commands is close to a nightmare, but a quick search returned the following for undoing git push command:

$ git hist…
49 more words