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Blackened Chicken Mac & Cheese


This morning  I was sitting at home contemplating how I would enjoy another rainy day off day. I’ve been a little under the weather and originally the plan was to watch Netflix documentaries wrapped in a blanket all day but comfort food was calling my name. 495 more words


Flick Files: Stop! You're About To Make A Mistake.

You can be more than a model in the fashion industry and British Vogue’s fairly new docu-series explains how to among other things.

I’m back everybody hope you missed me! 618 more words


What is Homeopathy?

Lisette Narragon – Los Altos Homeopath, Elephant Phara

URL: http://homeopathytv.com/what-is-homeopathy/

Goodwill Haul

Despite being dirt poor, my birthday was a few weeks ago and I had some money that were designated for the purpose of me treating myself a little and that, and so…. 61 more words


Grocery bag dispenser 

Sick of the mess under the sink?

Try this out..

What you’ll need:

  • Garbage bags
  • Coffee can
  • Scissor


1. Fold the coffee lid in half. 33 more words


Improving Communication Skills

  1. Learn to Listen:
    Listening is not the same as hearing; listen to the words being spoken and how they are being spoken. Is there anger, frustrations, confusion, over confidence, any variety of tone in the voice; it is best to defuse the situation, then work with the individual to find a solution.
  2. 421 more words

Form Design Tutorial

Using frevvo’s drag & drop Form Designer to design beautiful, usable forms is definitely intuitive. Still, it’s a powerful and extraordinarily capable product. We’ve recently put together this 26 minute Tutorial video that teaches you how to design even the most complex forms in frevvo in a step-by-step manner. 30 more words