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To My Christmas Eve Shoppers

Fellow Last Minute Shoppers,

I look forward to running into you at Target on Christmas Eve. Christmas is only two weeks away but we have absolutely nothing to worry about.   347 more words


Chik-Fil-A Gets It...The Church Doesn't

Last week was our annual ice day in San Antonio. We brave nothing near as tragic or ridiculous as what’s happening in Georgia right now… 475 more words


Of Politics and Religion

I never thought I would care much about politics. I grew up during the Reagan administration and the world seemed at peace to me and I thought that everyone loved the President. 395 more words


The "F" Word

In case you haven't noticed, it's Monday. With Monday's comes whining by 7 am, and this morning a sick child before 9. Let us not forget the empty fridge because I was too busy to go to the Walmart this weekend. 369 more words


April Fool's | God's Justice is No Joke

“For three sins…even four, I will not turn back my wrath.”

My husband can be quite the funny guy.  Sometimes, when the kids come home from school he will tell one of them that he got a call from the teacher and wants to know what happened.  605 more words


It's Awareness Day

She’s finally driving. My daughter turned 15 nine months ago and I finally talked her into getting her permit. She has no intentions of using it, well not often anyway. 313 more words


When a House is Not a Home

I have this friend who has to sell her home. She doesn’t want to, but circumstances beyond her control have forced her hand, and she now has to give up her sanctuary. 255 more words