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Week in Pictures #76

I bumped into a home friend of mine on the way back to the Midlands last Friday. He’s just recently moved to London and, as we were catching up, he hit the nail on the head when he said: “On Sunday I text J to ask if he wanted to go to the pub and he replied ‘How about a week on Tuesday?’…but I fancied a pint right then, you know?”. 222 more words

The Week

The Diary of a trainee journalist: Entry 1

I’ve started drinking green tea – I’m tired and my grandma told me it’d make my legs slimmer. I can still eat chocolate if I drink green tea. 522 more words

Georgia Bea Edkins

Indigo Sessions #3

Once more I went out to spend an enjoyable night in Hoxton, courtesy of the Indigo Sessions team. As ever, they’d done a great job of assembling some talented young musicians, resulting in a wide range of musical styles coming together for one mid-week night of music. 414 more words


1933: Ronald Lee Kray born in Shoreditch

Doubtless Ronnie Kray will require a much longer and more complex post at some point, however his birth record may be of interest to some. 63 more words

The Breakfast Club

I never used to understand morning people. When at school and University it’s safe to say that given the choice between dragging ourselves out of bed to the kitchen to make breakfast, or having an extra half an hour of sleep, the majority would choose the latter. 603 more words


October Drift and The Savage Nomads RULED the stage...

Under Radar but not under rated. The very best bands are in the small to medium venues right now. WTF is in the Sheffield water right now? 293 more words