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3 April 2017

Today I took a picture of a portrait.


83a Geffrye Street, London, 13 June 2017

It was a perfect evening for life drawing. Warm enough for the window upstairs at 83a Geffrye Street, Hoxton to be opened wide for fresh air, yet mellow enough for nature’s temperature control to find its ideal level without irksome draughts. 179 more words


Sevens into sevens

I sat back after pressing the ‘make yourself an edit copy’ on Lulu publishing yesterday and realised it was the seventh time I’ve done this – (well, not ordering copies – that would have to be well into the forties or so, counting all the edit copies in total I’ve requested) – the seventh time as in the seventh book. 187 more words

THE VACANT LOTS: Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. 13th June 2017.

Last night I saw The Vacant Lots for the second time. I wondered if they could top the first time I saw them. If I could relive that feeling again. 741 more words

Geriantics invited to music night in honour of former member

Recently, Geriantic Jessie Thomason sadly passed away and is much missed. A night of music has been put on in Hackney where she lived, in her memory. 48 more words


I think I do need one – mainly to grab together all the loose bits of ‘me’ information out there. My brother has promised to help ‘build me’ one but in the meantime here’s a mock up of the opening page I would imagine to exist out there in web-land – sort of. 132 more words