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HP-UX fixing device names that change on a VG

In a recent situation when the Physical Device names of a volume group changes and the VG fails to activate/mount, a rescan will be required. 80 more words


Get hostname from FQDN

Here’s a quick post to get the host/server name out of its fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

$ ll
total 20
-rw-r–r– 1 mzmo unixtek 14006 Nov 4 2014 lv.txt…

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How to create a file with a specific size in HP-UX?


prealloc – preallocate disk storage

prealloc name size

prealloc preallocates at least size bytes of disk space for an ordinary file name, creating the file if name does not already exist. 173 more words


diagmond[1973]: Exit due to system port failure

Posting this as I received an alarm yesterday.  Tried manually starting it but still the same (see twice the error being logged)

/var/adm/syslog # uname -a…

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Extending file system using LVM in HP-UX v11.31

Got a case/request to extend an Oracle volume.  Basically, I just need to get existing disk layout information.  Once done, I’ll create a ticket to Storage team to allocate 1x100G LUN. 782 more words


Learn AWK command — Part 2

Let’s see few examples how awk can work:

Using AWK as cut command

Take below table named worker.txt

100  David TM 4000

200  Kelvin SM 8000… 296 more words


After the part 1 of sed command i tried to explain the 2nd with more simple way . Hope you will understand good .

SED Commands: 666 more words