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Role of Device Special File in HP-UX

Device Special File Overview

UNIX applications access peripheral devices such as tape drives, disk drives, printers,

terminals, and modems via special files in the /dev… 1,772 more words


Configure New Hardware in HP-UX 11i v3

HP-UX systems have several hardware components:

  • One or more Itanium single-, dual-, or quad-core CPUs for processing data
  • One or more Cell Boards or Blades hosting CPU and memory…
  • 1,439 more words

User Administration in HP-UX 11 i v3

Use the id command to determine a user’s UID and primary group membership.

# id user1

uid=301(user1) gid=301(class)

Use the groups command to determine a user’s secondary group memberships. 1,427 more words


Nagios Xi – Cluster Check – HP-UX

This is a small script that you can add in Nagios XI /libexec directory that will help you monitor cluster services in any HP-UX server via Nagios. 37 more words


HP Integrity VM/vPar Administration

vPars/HPVM v6.1 software requirements:

HP VM/vPar can installed on following servers:

c-class i2/i4 blade server, Superdome Server 2, rx2800 server.

Host on which virtualization software is installed is called as VSP. 3,363 more words



The LP print service is a set of software utilities that allows users to print files while they continue to work. Originally, the print service was called the LP spooler. 296 more words


HP Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Logical Volume Manager is a disk management subsystem that allows you to manage physical disks as logical volumes.

Commonly used LVM procedures:

Create a new volume group, logical volume and filesystem. 359 more words