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Hilarious Pampered Consort 29

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29. Gentle words can still drive one mad (1)

“Tan-er ought pour the tea now.” With a change of expression on Big Madam’s face, she managed to hold back her anger and speak. 752 more words

Hilarious Pampered Consort

Farnam partition

The absolute path is "/ysm-gpfs/pi/gerstein/". Please put most of your data here.

After creating the folder (don’t forget to set up chmod the way you like), then you can create a soft link your folder back to your home folder for quick access. 15 more words

Instructions on setting up ssh desktop clients for Farnam

1) It is possible to set up ssh such that you only have to authenticate once; subsequent ssh’s reuse that connection. Please see our detailed instructions here: 73 more words

Hilarious Pampered Consort 28

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28. She wants to vomit, feeling disgust to the point of wanting death. (2)

With a call of ‘Ai Fei’, Qu Tan-er was stunned by the chill that ran through her body, shivering from the cold and all the goosebumps popping out. 673 more words

Hilarious Pampered Consort

Turn Again

Readings for 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 12: 1-4a, Romans 4: 1-5; 13-17 and Matthew 3.1-12

Friday 10th March

“Repent for the Kingdom of God has come near.” Repent. 93 more words


Le premier superordinateur ARM sera anglais

La météorologie est grande consommatrice de ressources de calcul de type superordinateur : les prévisions sont obtenues comme le résultat de simulations fines à très grande échelle du comportement de l’atmosphère terrestre. 371 more words

HPC Et Calcul Scientifique

Tonight's Secular Music Mass

Julie Fowlis- An Eala Bhan (The White Swan)

The King Singers- That Lonesome Road.

Leonard Cohen – Come Healing

– Summertime – Charlie Parker