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High Performance Computing in AWS

Annotated quick links for High Performance Computing (HPC) on AWS.

Amazon HPC Pages  with good information to get started.

CfnCluster (“cloud formation cluster”) is the tool which is used to manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters on AWS. 184 more words


Creating a High Performing Centre (part 2)

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“We are that which we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”


Really when I talk about building a High Performing Program what I am talking about is developing a…

1,173 more words

HPC: Rocks Cluster: Ganglia : compute nodes are not visible under the cluster or cluster hostname

IF you have installed Rocks 6.1.1, You may come across ganglia issue. If you open http:<masternode ip>/ganglia web page, it will show the compute nodes under  the cluster. 122 more words


SGE Operations


A queue is a container for a class of jobs. It operates in conjunction with Parallel environment (or set of parallel environments). Each queue has a name (qname) and the list of execution hosts (hostlist). 7,451 more words


Abaqus with Lustre file system

Abaqus on lustre file system:

When you run the abaqus on the local file system i.e. ext3/ext4 ,its works fine.

But when I have tried to run abaqus on the lustre file system, It was giving the error: 128 more words


Work, Windsurfing and a Windy Rutland: All in Two Weeks.

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic so I apologise in advance since this is going to be a pretty long post. There was the Youth Nationals in Weymouth during the first week of the Easter holidays and then an Olympic National Ranker following  on straight after. 460 more words


CUDA basics part 2


Recently, I posted a basic introduction to CUDA C for programming GPUs, which showed how to do a vector addition. This illustrated some of the CUDA basic syntax, but it wasn’t a complex- enough example to bring to light some of the trickier issues to do with designing algorithms carefully to minimise data movement. 2,323 more words