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The HPC Storage Challenge

High Performance Computing (HPC) creates interesting challenges for the storage infrastructure. First, storage systems supporting HPC have to meet increasingly higher performance demands. High performance HPC storage enables more simulations and deeper analytics across a wider set of data. 447 more words


Array Lists, Footnote B: Collections of Array Lists Cause a Lot of Fragmentation

This is a footnote to an earlier post I made on array lists.

Allocators often aren’t able give the user access the full range of memory that the computer makes available. 1,435 more words


Array Lists, Footnote A: Statistical Treatment of Internal Array List Overhead

This is a footnote to an earlier post I made on array lists.

Typically, discussion on the overhead of array lists doesn’t go further than the worst case scenario of a single array list. 855 more words


High Performance Lists III: Array Lists

This is the third article in a five part series on writing fast lists. You can find the index post here. I’m going to start breaking up articles into a relatively simple main article along with a collection of self-contained footnotes. 2,676 more words


Live Webinar: Performance vs. Cost - Solving The HPC Storage Tug-of-War

When it comes to storage, High Performance Computing (HPC) environments are struggling with an interesting tug of war. On one side these environments need incredibly fast storage systems—the performance tier. 192 more words


Summer of High Performance Computing

Summer of High Performance computing (HPC) is a PRACE programme that offers summer placements at HPC centres across Europe. This year 21 top applicants from across Europe were selected to participate and I was lucky to host two excellent students, … 130 more words


High Performance Lists II: Naive Linked Lists

This is the second post in an ongoing series on the use of lists in high performance environments. The first post (and index) can be found… 2,116 more words