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Install charmm on HPCC

I have to use CHARMM force field for PEG in water. To better understand how to use CHARMM force field and how charmm program works, I tried to install charmm (free, non-parallel computing edition) on my iMac but failed. 41 more words


Ten handy python libraries for (aspiring) data scientists

As suggested from guys of HPCC managers, I began to learn Python since last year for simple array operations. Now I am a pretty good entry level Python programmer. 815 more words


The Hermione Debate

Okay, look, I know everything’s been said about this in the short span since the news about the casting for Harry Potter & The Cursed Child… 623 more words

Port forwarding does not work in Virtualbox 5.0

The port forwarding was normal. But after a shutdown of the frontend. It did not work anymore. I have met this before. And what I did was to reinstall Virtualbox, which wasted a lot of time. 40 more words