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Install charmm on HPCC

I have to use CHARMM force field for PEG in water. To better understand how to use CHARMM force field and how charmm program works, I tried to install charmm (free, non-parallel computing edition) on my iMac but failed. 41 more words


Ten handy python libraries for (aspiring) data scientists

As suggested from guys of HPCC managers, I began to learn Python since last year for simple array operations. Now I am a pretty good entry level Python programmer. 815 more words


The Hermione Debate

Okay, look, I know everything’s been said about this in the short span since the news about the casting for Harry Potter & The Cursed Child… 623 more words

Port forwarding does not work in Virtualbox 5.0

The port forwarding was normal. But after a shutdown of the frontend. It did not work anymore. I have met this before. And what I did was to reinstall Virtualbox, which wasted a lot of time. 40 more words


Install ImageMagick on HPCC.

I used a long time to understand how to install software on HPCC. Previously, due to the limited permission I also failed to install anything on the university HPCC. 126 more words


Set up my own test HPCC with Virtualbox. Part 2. Install Torque PBS scheduler.

The UARK HPCC used Torque as the scheduler. I am trying to mimic this. The tutorial on Internet to install Torque are all tricky for me. 135 more words


Set up my own test HPCC with Virtualbox. Part 1. Install a frontend and two nodes.

I am very interested in HPCC. So after using HPCC in the university for two years, I am trying to built my own HPCC with Virtualbox. 295 more words