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Vacation Day 9

A pretty good, low key vacation day:)


I got up this morning to go for my 12km run when I suddenly realized that if I was going to go that far I should probably have some water and honey stinger chews on hand, though I was hoping to be out only 75 minutes. 697 more words


Vacation Day 5

Why is this holiday going so fast?!?!


It was tough to get out of bed this morning, but my new strategy worked. I joined Squad Runner this week in the hopes it would get me out of my running rut. 637 more words


Birthday Cake Hat

Let’s step away from the actual work for a moment here. Put it down on the ground and slide it away. Everything is going to be fine. 296 more words

Knitting Ramble


A much calmer day than yesterday:)


My day was quieter and calmer today but that might be because I only had fifteen children today! I don’t think I’ve ever had that small of a class before! 635 more words


A Pretty Good Day

A pretty good day:) It started with a beautiful view this morning!

All the snow is gone from the trees now as we’ve had beautiful sunshine all day:) 879 more words



Another long day, but a couple of steps forward.


Wow! I have more than 500 followers as of today! It blows me away. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! 632 more words


Knit Night Got Me Through It

I woke up this morning just dragging:(. All I could think all day was, “it’s almost knit night”.


I have to show off the math my grade ones do. 616 more words