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Stashbusting Winter 2017

I’m a knitter and an indulgent shopping therapy enthusiast. This does not bode well for the amount of usable storage in my home.

Let me put it this way, as a Yule/Christmas/Generalized Solstice-Time Holiday gift to me, my boyfriend started building me yarn shelves. 315 more words


The Knitting Bullet Journal

Right now it makes sense for me to have a couple of different journals organized the way bullet journals can be.  Why?  Primarily because I already had a collections of topic specific journals.   1,015 more words


House Cup Difficulties

When you need to cuss about your knitting, but you’re in an all-ages Harry Potter knitting forum:

Other than my… interesting… challenges in my knitting WIPs, I’m doing pretty well this month. 100 more words


It Started with an ISO Post

I love being a fiber artist in the internet age.  I have been a crafter all my life, a habit picked up, no doubt, from my Mom, who was always making something. 805 more words


Something Else Sunday #7

So, this is more like Something Else MONDAY, because with the holiday I wasn’t on board with the idea that yesterday was the last day of the weekend. 450 more words


HPKCHC Fall Term

Well, over in Ravelry we have a Harry Potter themed game where you craft to get points. I’m a Slytherin and have been the whole time I have played. 267 more words


Letting My Freak Flag Fly

My buddy TigerSharkKnits made mention in a comment yesterday that it seemed like soon I might tackle dyeing to really round out my fiber arts repertoire (I spin, I knit, apparently I design…). 1,020 more words