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Five things you didn’t know about HPV

HPV is like an invisible bully—it’s scarier than it should be, rarely shows its face and always tries to ruin the fun. Outsmarting a bully is how you win and in the case of STDs like HPV, finding out the facts couldn’t be more important. 421 more words

Staying Healthy

Affairs = Cancer

Let this be a warning to any husbands cheating on their wives.

Do you want that on your head?  To give your wife cancer?

Let me explain in case you don’t understand. 533 more words


How important is HPV?

As health care providers, we try to push the importance of vaccination. There are so many diseases that can be deadly, why would you not want to give your child every protection possible? 589 more words


Seruan agar siswa mendapat vaksin antikanker

Para siswa harus mendapatkan vaksinasi HPV untuk melindungi mereka dari sejumlah jenis kanker, menurut badan kesehatan publik dan seksual Inggris.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) dikaitkan dengan sejumlah jenis kanker dan vaksin ini telah diberikan kepada para siswi di Inggris untuk mencegah kanker leher rahim. 198 more words


E-Reminders May Boost HPV Vaccination Rates

TUESDAY, May 19, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Using electronic health records to issue reminders about human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for young females significantly increased the number of patients who got the vaccine, which protects against cervical cancer. 357 more words


NL to vaccinate boys against HPV

What feels like many moons ago I wrote my final university dissertation on the media’s influence in women taking the HPV Vaccine in 2008. This piece of research took me around 9 months to research and write. 620 more words


HPV vaccine over age 26 - is it worth it?

Currently the HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccines are approved in the United States up to the age of 26. This has nothing to do with safety but due to the fact that the studies submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) involved this age range. 672 more words