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I Met Metformin

I watched Creed last night, the latest installment in the Rocky franchise. It was so good. At first, I was like, “Waaah, Tessa Thompson?” Because I hate Tessa Thompson. 776 more words

Glaxo In Developing Countries: GSK's Indian Guinea Pig Kids...

It’s interesting to note that GSK were named as one of RepRisk’s most controversial companies in 2013. That’s 5 years after CEO Andrew Witty took the helm and promised that all of GSK’s bad behavior was from ‘another era’. 1,342 more words


two weeks before ASME East (2016)

The bike team is still busy building Cyclone. With exams ending yesterday, hopefully more people will show up more regularly to help out. The shell has been done for a while, and this time, I see many more of the components done. 109 more words


Yikes. An STI Spike.

A recent story about a spike in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Alberta piqued my interest, not so much because of the increase, but the reaction to it.  1,054 more words


National HPV Vaccination Program Would Provide Big Benefits

The HPV vaccine provides effective protection from the human papilloma virus and the cancers it can induce. Because HPV is transmitted sexually, inclusion in mandatory vaccination schedules has been a controversial issue, and legislation varies by state.

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Straight, No Chaser: The Doctor/Patient Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Talk

As an emergency physician, my first consideration is to eliminate life threats.  Along the way, I cure disease and provide a ton of information.  With all of these efforts, I provide a heavy dose of tough love and straight talk meant to empower (and hopefully never belittle).   488 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Guyana govt tricking young girls with mass HPV campaign - Dr. Norton now a true believer

having failed miserably before, the new Guyana govt is pushing this foolishness again
PAHO/WHO Guyana Representative Dr William Adu-Krow is the local hitman on the ground for big pharma & … 1,161 more words