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Circumcision does not lower the risk of HPV

Analysis showing the flaws and bias in a study that concluded that circumcision lowers the risk of transmitting and carrying HPV.  This conclusion is refuted: 6 more words

Need Volunteers this week

Hello Supporters of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations;

This week we will be in attendance at two events and one of those events we need volunteers to help spread awareness. 375 more words


How I Found Out I Have HPV - Part 2

But I Almost Have a Master’s Degree

I had a full panel of STI testing done when the relationship first began. I had been tested for almost everything, from… 624 more words

Word Up!

BM2016: Danny Guthrie Images

Some images from the laptop of Danny Guthrie this past week. Most of them taken with a Sony Rx100 point and shoot, plus some photoshop artistry.


NZ Vaccine Injury - Don’t ever do this to your precious child

Or, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Parents always do what’s best for their child based on the information at hand. Conversely, children are prohibited to make decisions for themselves … 10 more words


The long shadow

Hundreds of years ago, people believed that the devil lived among them. Fearful people would witness their crops fail, their children get sick and die, their livelihoods destroyed by fire or flooding. 527 more words


Not Sure About the HPV Vaccine for Your Child?

2006 saw the first human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine licensed for use in the United States. Since that time, many parents have been subjected to fear and confusion as to the risks versus benefits of this vaccine, and its ability to prevent a deadly form of cancer. 409 more words