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CDC Aims To Increase Number Of Tweens Receiving HPV Vaccine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Centers for Disease Control is on a mission to increase the number of boys and girls getting the HPV vaccine to prevent cancer. 155 more words


Parents urged to get daughters HPV vaccine

Over the past five years, close to 57.5 per cent of Grade 8 girls in Windsor and Essex County have been immunized against HPV (human papillomavirus). 429 more words


The HPV vaccine for men- is this a thing?

Yes, it is. You may have heard of the HPV or Gardasil vaccine for young women to prevent cervical cancer, but young men should get it too! 522 more words


Self Healing

When we synch our lives with the fire in our hearts, we can access the power of creation and manifestation and letting go. Similarly, we can access the slowing inward movements that allow us to fall back into the wide, spacious quiet of gestation and rejuvenation, which is critical for finding peace and wholeness in our bodies.

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Ini Pentingnya Vaksinasi HPV

Oleh : Agusniar Ditasani | Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014 | 21:00 WIB

INILAHCOM, Jakarta – Vaksinasi HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), menjadi salah satu cara ampuh untuk mencegah terinfeksi HPV. 223 more words


Alasan Calon Pengantin Wanita Wajib Vaksin HPV

Dewi Kania


SEBAGAI calon pengantin, Anda jangan hanya memikirkan kesiapan untuk melakukan pesta pernikahan. Namun Anda juga perlu melakukan cek kesehatan, seperti melakukan vaksin Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), agar bisa menangkal penyakit kanker serviks. 169 more words


A New Journey

Results are in. CIN-1. Not a big deal, but since I’ve been harboring abnormal cells for almost 2 years and we’re bordering stage II, my doctor said “Let’s watch and wait…see what it does.” Okay. 481 more words