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Why Organizational Culture Matters for Company's Success

Have you wondered what differentiates iconic brands like Southwest airlines, Zappos, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Costco, and Starbucks from many others in the market? Is there a unique ingredient that makes these brands what they are? 761 more words

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Strategies for Successful Career Development

Talent management is that critical management skill that really defines an organization after all. But then, talent management does not happen in a vacuum. If the organization is to be successful at its talent acquisition and talent management endeavors, it must create the right career development ecosystem for it. 696 more words

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How to Turn Difficult People and Poor Performers into Team Players

Improved productivity results from the ability to synchronize one’s personal work style with the culture of the workgroup and the organization. Mentoring a team’s members is an integral part of achieving this objective. 694 more words

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Your GDPR checklist

It is finally here, in just 9 days we will all be GDPR compliant won’t we?!

We are sure everyone is working towards the new data protection principles incorporated into the new Regulations. 375 more words

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Foundations of Process Improvement

Short for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers, the SIPOC tool is used to define the stakeholders for any of these: an event, a meeting or an initiative aimed at bringing in improvement. 534 more words

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Why do Employees and Organizations need Worksite Wellness Programs?

Why do employees and organizations need worksite wellness programs? Well, for the same reason that human need clean air to breathe. If you thought that this expression is hyperbolic, take a look at a study that Harvard did to assess how effective worksite wellness programs can be: 573 more words

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Why do we enter each change event without learning from the last failure?

Change is the only constant in business, we have been told. With the inescapable nature of change; an often-overlooked aspect is the success that change brings. 551 more words

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