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HR Documentation is a Vital Aspect of Organizations

HR documentation is of vital importance to organizations. Unless its nuances are mastered organizations can fall into embarrassing and damaging pitfalls.

HR documentation is one of the most important aspects at the workplace. 161 more words

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Payroll Procedures Need Not be Complicated all the Time

“Write, write and write down” should be the mantra of payroll procedures. A non-written payroll procedure is as good as a non-existent one.

If there is one central,indispensable element to getting the… 95 more words

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Conducting Consistent and Periodic HR Audits is a Healthy Practice

It is essential for HR to audit a host of its practices and functions. This audit is meant to ensure that the organization stays on course with its goals. 157 more words

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Talent Management is the Key to Organizational Success

No resource is of greater importance to an organization than its people. An organization that has a talented employee and knows how to use it for its good and the talented employee’s is a winner. 213 more words

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Things to think about with adverse weather on its way

It is always best to have things in place to help minimise any disruption to your business. Some of our tips are

  1. Have an adverse weather policy in place.
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Policies and Practical Drift

I’m working on policies right now, which is always slightly depressing. Developing policies always feels like a lose-lose situation. At least some of them are necessary, but no one loves them. 1,358 more words

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7 Policies & Documents to Review Now

It’s a best practice to review policies, posters, and forms periodically to ensure that they adhere to applicable laws and evolving company practices. Since the New Year typically brings a host of new laws, now is a good time to conduct this review. 1,368 more words