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I Was Going to Pay It Back….Honest!

Another update from the HR jungle….

Sam leads the IT department for his company and is the head of their internal security team.  As part of his duties, Sam has administrative rights to all electronic and computer-based systems at the company.   362 more words

HR Laws & Policies

Boxed in by Box 12 on the W-2

Another update from the HR jungle….

Maryann handles payroll questions for her employer. She and her coworkers have been scrambling for a couple of years to ensure they comply with the… 282 more words


Can a Screw Up be Fixed?

Another update from the HR jungle….

Bob recently bought a business that has one small retail location. He spent weeks fixing up the store to make it more visually appealing. 341 more words


All About Human Resource Policies

The HR policy of a company comprises of a set of guidelines, procedures and rules that manage the company’s connections and communications with its workers. They flow from general strategic procedures of the company and are frequently improved in discussion with central management and other workers. 261 more words

Human Resource Policies And Procedures For A Company

HR staff within the premises of a business organization is accountable for communicating workplace plans and polices for the company’s employees, though, the plans and procedures that solely concern to human resource staff should also be accessible to each and every member of human resource staff. 255 more words

What You Need To Know About HR Policies And Procedures

HR policies and procedures vary between distinctive business entities and industry specific. Such plans and procedures help in setting up practices and procedures that look after chief objectives of an organization. 281 more words

Snow Day Policies: Fair or Equitable?

The “f” word has no place in the world of work. Human resources professionals will not be effective business partners if they put too much emphasis on what is “fair.” 229 more words

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