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Matthew S. Baril

Company: HCA

Title: Healthcare Recruiting Specialist

Location: Dallas, TX

In his role as a recruiting specialist for HCA, one of the world’s largest operators of health care facilities, Matthew Baril is responsible for ensuring that his company attracts and retains some of the best talent the industry has to offer. 159 more words

Customer Service

They Didn’t Like Her Looks

Another update from the Jungle….

Alana walked into the break room to refill her coffee mug and stumbled into a raging war. A group of co-workers were arguing about the merits of the presidential candidates. 417 more words


Psycho Boss

Another update from the Jungle….
Sue hates her job because she works for a psycho. Sue was transferred into the psycho’s
department during a company-wide reorganization about six months ago and life’s gone steadily… 436 more words


Spicing up the Workplace

Retention Strategies for Seasoned Workers It makes good business sense to recruit, hire and (do your best to) retain workers as a part of your company’s culture. 404 more words


An Interview with a Disability

In the past, prior to the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, I had an interview with a company that had no access for wheelchairs into the building. 492 more words


Workplace Privacy: Is this a Best Practice?

Most employers reserve the right to monitor employee activity in the workplace via policy or practice, and do so with the goal of promoting a safe, secure and productive work environment.  951 more words

Human Capital Management

Untruths on LinkedIn, what to do?

The practice of embellishing and cherry picking information that goes into a CV (resume), is as old as the hills.  Presenting false or exaggerated information in order to present a more attractive profile to prospective employers is certainly nothing new. 696 more words