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An Interview with a Disability

In the past, prior to the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, I had an interview with a company that had no access for wheelchairs into the building. 492 more words


Workplace Privacy: Is this a Best Practice?

Most employers reserve the right to monitor employee activity in the workplace via policy or practice, and do so with the goal of promoting a safe, secure and productive work environment.  951 more words

Human Capital Management

Untruths on LinkedIn, what to do?

The practice of embellishing and cherry picking information that goes into a CV (resume), is as old as the hills.  Presenting false or exaggerated information in order to present a more attractive profile to prospective employers is certainly nothing new. 696 more words


Is Your Organization Prepared for Weather-Related Emergencies?

Extreme winter weather is upon much of the country this time of year.  Many areas have already experienced record breaking low temperatures and unusual ice, snow, and sleet storms, often causing disruptions to normal business operations.  1,877 more words

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We all become a little anxious when an employer schedules us for an interview. A little bit of anxiety can be good, but it can also be uncomfortable. 593 more words


A Friday moment’s thought

Leadership and leading is truly a great industry, and a hot topic for blogs throughout the western business world. Many hours have been spent reading, writing, and implementing advice in relation to this topic. 271 more words

Employee Training: What is Required and What is Recommended?

To help maintain a safe and productive workplace, employers should adequately train their employees on their obligations under the law and to the company. Employers can develop an effective training program by implementing trainings required by law, as well as trainings that can help employees and supervisors succeed in the workplace. 959 more words

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