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The morality  of using social media as a recruitment tool

Apparently I’m the one person who doesn’t use Facebook. I did for about a year, seven years ago but I found I just didn’t care enough about what my  ‘friends’  were doing or commenting on and  it was such a dreadful time waster for me. 536 more words

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Q&A - Shared parental leave and pay

Over the last few weeks, our employment team have been delivering the latest employment law updates at HRXchange events nationwide to HR professionals and managers. 773 more words


HR...the people you love to hate!

I’ve had the rare privilege of working in one of the most despised professions on the face of the earth. Everywhere you turn, we are either at daggers drawn with other professionals, taking a beating from those who think we are nothing but a necessary evil, the scum of the earth, being kicked about to do other’s bidding or being used as human shields when the shit hits the fan. 654 more words


What does being an HR Professional really mean?

Whenever I hear people talking about ‘ HR Professionals’ I always wonder who these people are? Am I one? How did everyone in this room get to be one? 723 more words

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Learning from Toastmasters(.org).

What did I get from Toastmasters? Nothing; did I get to meet new, interesting and exciting people? Nope! Did I get to hear workshops worth paying hundreds of dollars for in terms of life experience and know-how? 256 more words


How to Improve Relationships - at work and at home.

Here are some useful Relationship Tips that I have gleaned from attending numerous seminars and workshops over the years….I hope you find them as useful as I do: 432 more words


HR ANALYTICS – This is what all new HR professionals needs to learn

Who are the employees who could potentially leave the organization? Who are the employees who deserve to be aptly rewarded for their contribution to the success of the organization? 321 more words

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