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Reasons why an HR consultant recommends SaaS HR system

Increasing efficiency

A big part of implementing a new HR platform in a business is the increase in efficiency the business will achieve, once the initial data entry is completed and everyone in the business is compliant in using it. 217 more words

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Mobile access to HR systems

One of the great developments of cloud-based systems is the way they use access to mobile.  In most systems, mobile access is completely integrated into how the system is used.   404 more words

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Series: Making the case for technology: Part 1: What does it cost?

This is a common question every person trying to purchase new technology in their organisation gets asked “Where is the business case?”. To answer this question or prepare the business case you will need to know a few things. 1,216 more words

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Why implement a new Human Capital Management system

What are the benefits of implementing an HCM?

In the most basic terms, there are three main benefits of implementing an HCM system in an organisation.   443 more words


Big Data in HR

Big data is one of the current IT trends.  How does it apply to HR and how should HR professionals incorporate it into their day-to-day operation? 422 more words

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Managers need the tools to manage

Businesses are complicated and employment is increasingly complicated: employees, contractors, zero-hour contracts, consultants and outsourcing are all part of the mix in a business operating efficiently. 429 more words