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5 strategies for improving your company's employee review process

One of the most important aspects of human capital management is being able to examine your staff closely and find the common strengths and weaknesses among your employees. 501 more words

Human Capital Management

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Why Performance Management Systems Fail to Deliver Better Performance

In the world of business, today’s leaders exist in a Darwinian fight for survival, where high rates of change and uncertainty are the key pressures determining their future. 649 more words


Surface What Matters, Sooner

Instagram wasn’t the first online photo sharing service. It just made it easier than anything else. Now the app dominates its market.

There’s a lesson here for software designers. 392 more words

Thought Leadership

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7 Must-Ask Questions About Cloud Technology Providers

By Jayson Saba,VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian.

Human resource professionals are increasingly called upon as leaders and strategists who take companies into cloud (SaaS) HR technology and it’s no wonder: according to… 1,026 more words

Human Resources

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A Few Thoughts on Pre-Hire Predictive Analytics

…So I recently came across an interesting press release from a firm called Talent Analytics. The release says that the Company can feed its cloud platform into your ATS/HRIS/LMS etc., assessing how likely each applicant for any given position is to be a flight risk by looking at its current employee population and historical turnover data. 220 more words


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Implementing Pay for Performance at All Levels of an Organization

Towers Watson Executives Donald Delves and Lori Wisper discuss what pay for performance means for executives vs. employees and why the differences in pay matter. 94 more words


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Job Boards Aren't Dead, Just Different.

Innovation and competition have always gone hand in hand, and the recruiting technology industry has historically been no exception to this rule.

One has to look no further than only a few years back to see evidence of a trend that, like most history, seems to be repeating itself, as… 2,610 more words


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