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What Is HRIS ?

As the corporate culture is developing and updating day by day, it requires the HR systems to also update. Much time is taken by the HR systems to evolve from the manual process that was used for years to the self-service HRIS system. 245 more words

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Is BYOS the next frontier for #HRTech?

The words BYOD are no longer new to anyone. In fact with most companies allowing, encouraging and providing support for various devices, it is now expected that most employees will bring one or more devices to work and use them for work. 231 more words

HR Systems

AI for Dummies

What is it?

Artificial Intelligence, as wiki describes it, is “any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.” It goes on to provide other definitions, but I like this derivation “any machine that can process information faster than a human brain with more accuracy and while doing so mimic human cognition (and potentially human emotional) abilities”. 305 more words

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Today’s learning 4/1/18


I read this article a few times last year and when it popped up again, it was a timely reminder based on work I plan to do today. 33 more words

What I learned 29/12/17

Reading this – https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/five-fifty-evaluate-this?cid=other-eml-ttn-mkq-mck-oth-1712 – reminded me of my anger for most performance management systems. True performance comes from an ongoing discussion on a person’s contribution (both personal and team/organisational) with the individual, their manager & colleagues. 83 more words

Series: Part 2: What does a diverse workforce look like?

If you have recently visited hrtechgirl, you may have read my post on Is Diversity delivering ROI?. This piqued my interest in all things diversity and inclusion. 580 more words

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Best Payroll Software - Top Payroll Software | D3 Bahrain

D3 is a Bahrain-based company that provides,  you with the best available biometric and access control systems. We offers user-friendly products that optimize economy of a company. 68 more words

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